Carly tells Jason she took Florence at Corinthos compound General Hospital
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At the Corinthos compound, Jason worries to Carly that they are more vulnerable now because he failed to kill Cyrus. She insists she’s already solved this. Cyrus storms in and demands to know where his mother is. Jason isn’t saying much but Carly goads him. Cyrus complains that Sonny would never use his mom as a hostage and exits. Carly tells Jason she took Cyrus’ mom for leverage. To his shock, she explains how Renault and Laura are related and she had Florence taken to a safe house and is being looked after by Bobbie. Jason insists that she stay out of this and he take the rap for the abduction. She’s crossed a line he never thought he’d cross.

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Ava vents to Nikolas about Julian at Charlie's General Hospital

Ava and Nikolas go into Charlie’s Pub. She remembers how proud her brother was of the place. They muse about how much trouble their families attract. Alexis stumbles in after seeing the light on. Ava bluntly asks her if she’s realized she wanted Julian after all. She tears into her, admitting that Julian may have been a mess, but he loved her. Nikolas tells his wife not to take her grief out on Alexis. As he holds Ava’s hand, Alexis is shocked and asks if they’ve fallen in love. After some bickering, Ava says they’ve developed deep feelings. The former lawyer lectures him for repeating the same mistakes he always does. They drink and Alexis asks Ava if the prince really sees the dark side of her. Jerome believes he does. Alexis admits that she loved Julian, but it was crazy. He was poison, just like Ava will be for Nikolas. Before she can leave, she warns them that the passion will end, and they will be left with nothing but lies and paranoia. After the prince sends his aunt away in a car, he and Ava assure each other that they are not like Alexis and Julian.

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Portia and Jordan talk Taggert at PCPD General Hospital

Portia is looking for Mac at the PCPD but runs into Jordan. She doesn’t want to talk to her, just to Marcus before he’s released. The doctor lectures her for taking Taggert from his daughter twice. Jordan defends what she’s done and says she’s keeping Taggert in custody for his own protection. She offers to arrange visiting hours for Trina. The doctor points to the clear problems in Jordan’s relationship with Curtis. Her own marriage to Marcus collapsed because he shut her out for work and she can see the same thing happening to them.

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Laura asks Martin for help at Metro Court General Hospital

Laura joins Martin at the Metro Court and asks him to give her leverage against Cyrus. He’s not sure he can help and says there is no credible evidence against his brother. She wonders if he’s working for Renault. The lawyer won’t be her enemy or accomplice. A breathless Cyrus jogs in and declares that their mother is gone. He assumes Laura was behind it. They quickly realize Carly and Jason are involved. Cyrus worries about what Morgan will do. Laura promises she will do whatever is necessary to get Florence back and runs off. Martin has never seen his brother afraid like this, but wonders if it’s their mother’s life or forgiveness that he’s more worried about.

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Jax talks to Nina about Joss at home General Hospital

At Jax’s place, he tells Nina that Joss is refusing to go to Australia for her own safety. He was hoping Carly would talk some sense into her. Nina is sure that his daughter just wants to be there for her family and suggests he talk to Joss about this, not her mother. He’s determined to take her away, even against her will. She tells him he’s raised a great kid and should trust her judgment. Carly shows up and Jax asks if all hell is about to break loose.

Laura shows up at the Corinthos compound looking for some answers.

On the next General Hospital: Jax needs crucial information from Carly.

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