Laura meets with Carly on GH
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Jackie visits with Anna at her home to check on Finn. She learns that he’s out with Gregory and Chase. Jackie senses that Anna doesn’t like her much, and wonders if it has to do with Robert. Anna assures her that she and Robert are only old friends but having a child bonds people. Jackie assumes Anna knows about her and Finn. Anna admits Finn told her everything. Jackie asks Anna what her opinion is when it comes to telling the truth about her and Finn’s past. Anna knows it could cause pain for Gregory and Chase, but this secret continues to hurt Finn’s relationship with his father.

Anna and Jackie discuss Finn on GH

In the park, Gregory talks to Finn about how proud he is of the man he’s become. Suddenly a drunk Alexis appears and wishes Finn a happy New Year. Finn introduces Alexis to his father and tries to encourage Alexis to go to a meeting, which she refuses. Gregory notices Alexis is dripping blood from her hand. She says it’s nothing and she broke a glass, but Finn examines it and insists he take her for stitches.

Alexis is a bitch on GH

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At the Metro Court, Tracy has lunch with Ned and Olivia and showers them with compliments. Olivia wonders when Tracy became her biggest fan. Tracy admits that she was skeptical of Olivia at first, but she sees how good she is for Ned and that she completes him.

Tracy is Olivia's fan on GH

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At the Corinthos house, Laura informs Carly that she believes herself to be Cyrus’ biggest weakness. The mayor tells Carly how she discovered that she and Cyrus are half-siblings, along with Martin. Laura thinks Cyrus hasn’t been able to gain his mother’s acceptance and is hoping she’ll be the sister who can accept him. Laura thinks she may be able to capitalize on his vulnerability and neutralize him, Carly thanks Laura and the two embrace. Laura says she’ll keep Sonny in her prayers before departing. Once alone, Carly makes a call.

Carly is shocked on GH

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On the pier, Cyrus meets with Jason, who he sees as in charge of Sonny’s business now that Sonny’s gone and hopes Jason will be more reasonable. Cyrus wants Jason to open the piers to let his product in, says Jason won’t have to get his hands dirty, and he’ll give him thirty percent of the profits. Jason refuses the deal and says this is Sonny’s territory and he will be coming home.

Cyrus demands loyalty on GH

When Jason informs Cyrus that the sniper he positioned on a nearby roof isn’t there any longer, Cyrus pulls a gun and threatens to take Jason out himself. Jason pulls his own gun, and Brando appears aiming one at Jason. Carly then struts into the confrontation with some of Sonny’s armed men, and Cyrus is forced to drop his gun along with Brando. Jason orders Carly back to the car and warns Cyrus if he comes after him again then he’s dead. Jason walks off, leaving Cyrus fuming.

At General Hospital, Finn stitches Alexis up and says he’s sorry about Julian. She breaks down in tears and says she wants to go home. He offers to drive her, but she insists on taking a taxi. Finn refuses to let her go home alone, so Alexis asks him to call Ned.

At the Metro Court, Ned receives a call from Finn explaining Alexis’ predicament and request. Tracy offers to deal with Alexis, but Ned asks her and Olivia to continue with their lunch and says he won’t be long.

Ned arrives at the hospital and warns Alexis it is only a matter of time before she hurts herself or someone else. Alexis says she only broke a glass, and Tracy lied about her driving and accuses Ned’s mom of being the one to drive them off the road, puzzling Ned.

Ned worries about alexis on GH

Back at Anna’s, Anna tells Jackie that she’ll support Finn in whatever decision he makes regarding revealing the truth to Gregory and Chase. Finn and Gregory enter, and Anna offers Gregory some tea. Trying to avoid the awkwardness, Finn helps her in the kitchen. Alone, Jackie tells Gregory she’ll be attending Finn and Anna’s wedding as Robert’s plus one. When Anna and Finn return and learn of Jackie’s date, Finn notes this wedding is going to be a real family affair.

Jason and Carly return to the Corinthos house, and Jason is furious with Carly for showing up on the pier. He had a clean shot at Cyrus, but couldn’t take it because she would have been a witness. He also can’t bear the thought of her getting killed knowing he brought her into this life. Carly gets a text and tells Jason not to worry because she’s solved the problem with Cyrus.

Brando and Cyrus go to The Metro Court, and Cyrus gets a drink at the bar. Laura appears and tells her brother that with Sonny missing she thinks they need to work together to keep peace on the streets. Cyrus appreciates her reaching out to him and would be happy to work with her. Laura leaves. Meanwhile, Tracy, who had to excuse herself, returns to find Olivia has vanished from their table. Back at the bar, Cyrus gets a call and smashes his glass. He tells Brando, “They have my mother.”

Olivia arrives at the hospital and runs into Ned and Alexis in the hall. Olivia wants to help the lawyer, but Alexis says there is no help needed and she’s fine. Alexis tells them to have a lovely afternoon and walks off.

On the next General Hospital: Laura asks Martin for leverage against Cyrus.

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