Jackie and Laura catch up at Metro Court General Hospital
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At Anna’s, she reassures Finn about what a good father he is. He tells her that he’s a very different man from when Chase was born but repeats that he couldn’t really be his father. Telling Gregory and Chase the truth about sleeping with Jackie would destroy them. Anna says that the truth isn’t always good.

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Willow and Chase do Polar Bear dive at harbor General Hospital

Chase runs into Willow at the harbor for the polar bear club dive. He helps her put on a coat and they share some awkward small talk. The cop apologizes again for being a jerk. Gregory joins them and, once introductions are made, it’s clear he thinks Willow is Chase’s girlfriend. Chase clarifies things. Finn and Anna join them to watch as Chase takes Willow’s hand and they leap into the water. They climb out shivering and Finn asks Willow to join them for a bite to eat. As they head to the cars, Gregory talks to Anna about the importance of love and marriage. He adds how important the truth is and how he taught his sons not to lie.

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Carly dreams of Sonny General Hospital

Carly wakes up in her bed alone and sighs. She paces downstairs and Sonny suddenly walks into her embrace. Excited, she’s eager to tell Jason… but this is just a dream and she wakes up.

Brando and Jason talk outside. Jason suspects that Cyrus knows Sonny is gone and is ready to take advantage. After they talk strategy, Dante shows up and Jason tells him about Sonny going missing.

Dante and Jason talk Sonny at Corinthos house General Hospital

Dante and Jason go inside and Carly serves them coffee. Dante tells her to keep hope and asks them how Sonny ties into Julian’s death. When Jason explains that Cyrus was behind the bombing, Dante is ready to go after him himself. Jason assures him that everything is being handled. After he leaves, Carly asks Jason if he’s having Renault handled. She starts to panic but he assures her he knows what he’s doing.

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Laura runs into Cyrus at the Metro Court. She starts laying into him about Lulu. He’s surprised she’s sinking this low with family. She insists they will never be family and she’ll always hold him responsible for what happened to her daughter. Jackie arrives and takes Laura across the room. At their table, the journalist and the mayor catch up about their kids. They discuss using work to distract from the personal problems. Jackie says she’s trying to finish the work that Lulu started. Laura confesses that Cyrus is her brother. The reporter thinks she can use this for her expose and suggests she publicize her relationship with Cyrus before he can. Jackie promises to make her the hero in anything she writes. After she exits, Dante arrives and Laura asks him to focus on Rocco and steer clear of any provocations from Cyrus.

Cyrus and Brando talk family at Metro Court General Hospital

Brando joins Cyrus at the bar, who informs him that Sonny was with Julian and is now missing. When Brando asks what he’s planning next, Cyrus makes it clear he’s not telling him anything. He also mentions that he knows the truth about Dev. Cyrus offers to protect him from Homeland Security and threatens to take him and the whole Corinthos family down if he gets even a whiff of betrayal. Dante walks by and heads into the elevator as someone watches him from around the corner.

Laura drops by the Corinthos compound to check on Carly. She encourages her to fight back against Renault while she’s waiting for Sonny’s return.

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Anna, Finn, Willow, and Chase head to the square. As Anna and the doctor get hot chocolate, Chase admits to Willow that his brother knew the truth and encouraged him to come clean with her. As Gregory arrives, Willow comes over and thanks Finn for trying to get his brother to do the right thing. Chase explains that he lied to Willow and that’s what ruined their relationship. Gregory wonders what’s next for them. Willow and Chase leave to discuss that in private. Gregory asks to speak to Finn alone. Once she’s gone, Gregory tells Finn that he’s a good father to Violet and has always been as paternal to Chase as he is.

Across the square, Chase asks Willow to dinner. She’s not sure. He tells her how good today has felt. She agrees and wishes him happy new year.

Jackie shows up at Anna’s.

On the next General Hospital: Anna and Jackie have a frank discussion.

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