Carly gets a visit from the cops on GH
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Jordan finds Curtis in the park where they met up last Christmas. She asks her husband to come home, but he can’t until they sort through some things, such as her reluctance to be honest with him. She swears there are no more secrets, but he doesn’t feel he can believe her. He suggests she go be with TJ. Jordan chokes back tears and says they’ll save him a seat should he change his mind.

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At Jordan’s apartment, Molly tells TJ that she made a horrible mistake and slept with someone else. She explains it happened after he disappeared. She couldn’t get a hold of him, and his mother told her to accept they were over and move on. He wonders why she decided to come clean now. Molly wanted to earlier but has seen the pain their mothers’ secrets are causing and doesn’t want that for them. TJ demands to know who she slept with. Molly admits it was Brando, but cries this wasn’t his fault, and he had no idea who TJ was. TJ tells Molly that he needs time alone, so she leaves, but not before telling him that she loves him.

Molly confesses to TJ on GH

Later when Jordan returns, TJ lashes out at his mother, blaming her in part for Molly’s cheating and realizes his mother knew he was being held hostage the whole time. Jordan swears she was just trying to keep Molly from causing trouble with her questions. TJ asks if there is anything else that she’s keeping from him. Jordan admits she can’t tell him certain things, causing him to storm out.

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Michael hopes Willow doesn’t mind staying at his father’s as he’s hoping he’ll be home in time for Christmas. Their conversation turns to their relationship and the need to sort things out before they hurt more people. Brando enters and informs Michael that there is a squad car in their driveway.

At the front door, Chase tells Carly that they need to speak about her husband. She invites him in and tells him that her husband is away on business. Chase explains they found Julian’s body in New Jersey and he was shot to death. Chase believes based on evidence that Sonny was pursuing Julian on a footbridge when it collapsed. He explains the New Jersey PD is searching for him and they asked him to come to see her to confirm Sonny is missing.

Michael, Brando and Willow enter the living room and learn Sonny was in an accident and may not have survived. Jason appears, and Chase has questions for him about Julian’s death. Jason refuses to speak without Diane, and she has already spoken to the Secaucus police on his behalf. Chase says he’ll call her, relays to Carly that he is sorry, and leaves. Michael demands to know what has happened to his father, so Jason fills him in. Michael makes some calls to coordinate a search, while Willow checks on the kids. Jason comforts Carly, who only wants her husband to come home.

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Terry stops by Liz’s place before she heads home to Denver for the holidays. Cam says hello to Terry and then gets back to a videogame he has his head buried in. Liz admits to Terry that Cam has been very closed off since Franco’s diagnosis and Dev’s death.

At General Hospital, Scott and Franco sneak Obrecht, who is wearing a blond wig, into an office. Obrecht accesses Franco’s medical records on a computer to determine how to treat him. Scott suggests Franco head home to his wife and the boys, and he’ll drop by later.

In the hallway, Maxie tells Peter she feels guilty that they are so happy while Lulu’s in the condition she is in. Maxie would like to honor her best friend and name their daughter Louise. Peter loves it and says they could call her Lu.

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On the steps, Britt runs into Jason and they discuss Julian’s death. Britt hates that she’s being pulled into this war between Sonny and Cyrus, and informs Jason about the drug Cyrus is developing, which he may exploit for huge profits. Jason thanks her for the information. Later Peter and Maxie approach Britt, whose hand briefly trembles. Peter and Maxie ask her to join them for dinner with Mac and Felicia as one big family. She accepts and as Peter and Britt hug, Obrecht sees them from afar and vows the New Year will bring Peter’s downfall.

Back at Liz’s place, Franco surprises his family by making it home for Christmas. Terry talks with Cam, and lets him know it’s okay to feel the way he is, but also feels his friend Dev wouldn’t want him burying his head in a videogame and missing out on life. Meanwhile, Liz asks Franco about his meeting. Franco explains the specialist became indisposed, but he found someone else to help him. Scott arrives, and as everyone gathers and toasts to Christmas, Cam grabs his guitar and plays some carols.

TJ finds Molly in the park. She again apologizes, and he is glad she respected him enough to be honest with him. Molly asks where they go from here. He doesn’t know but suggests they take things day by day.

On the next General Hospital: Jackie meets with Laura and Carly is thrilled by a visitor.

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