Molly ready to confess to TJ at Jordan's General Hospital
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Joss and Jax decorate for Christmas at the Corinthos compound. Willow and Michael talk to Wiley about starting family traditions. Jason and Carly sneak in, unable to find Sonny. Joss puts a garland on her mom and Michael looks forward to Sonny’s Christmas Eve dinner. He’s told he’s too busy to make it, so they decide to order Chinese food. Going into the corner, Carly freaks out to Jason about having to keep what’s happening a secret. He gets a text from Sam and she insists he go to her.

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Laura and Kevin talk Lulu at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Sasha insists to Brando that she’s done with drugs, and Cyrus, and is no longer his problem. Brando disagrees. Down the hall, Laura wishes to Kevin that Lulu would wake up for Christmas. They spot Martin stumbling in with an armload of gifts and help him pick them up as they fall on the floor. They offer to lend a hand distributing his gifts and ask him to join them for dinner. Martin doesn’t want to intrude, but she wants the chance to get to know her brother.

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Meanwhile, Lucas and Sam discuss their feelings about Julian’s death. They’re relieved and sort of sad. Lucas says their father never deserved to be part of their family. Sam says he got what he deserved. After he leaves, Jason arrives. He tells Sam about watching Julian die but insists he didn’t do it. Sam tells him about how the kids have been preparing for Christmas and asks him to come and see them. He can sleep on the couch with Danny.

Brando and Sasha banter in square General Hospital

Brando follows Sasha into the square. She tells him to stay away but he’s just looking out for her. When she wants to go back to the Metro Court, he tries to tempt her with hot chocolate. It’s watery and instant. He says it’s the same his mom used to make for him. The tension thaws between them as he tells her about his childhood. They stand under some mistletoe and she kisses his cheek.

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Corinthos family Christmas decorating General Hospital

Lucas arrives at the Corinthos compound at Michael’s invitation. He knows how much the doctor loves Wiley and what a hard year of sacrifice he’s had. Michael asks him to be Wiley’s uncle again. He reintroduces them while Willow talks to Carly about becoming part of a big family. Carly gets upset and walks out to cry. Jax trails after her and she tells him Sonny’s missing and possibly dead. Later, the police pull up outside with their lights flashing.

Molly, TJ, Alexis and Jordan talk Taggert at home General Hospital

Molly and Alexis arrive at Jordan’s. Molly begs her mom not to ruin the holidays. Inside, TJ asks Jordan where Curtis is. Alexis starts sniffing her food and her daughter drags her away, assuming she’s looking for booze. As soon as Molly turns her back, Alexis swipes some vodka. Jordan sends Curtis a text but he’s not responding. She suggests they eat without him. Alexis assumes he’s investigating Taggert and tells everyone about him being alive. Jordan admits she’s known all along. Her justification makes sense to Alexis, but Molly and TJ are angry.

After Jordan rushes out to find her husband, Molly sniffs her mom’s drink and then orders her out. Distraught, Alexis exits. Molly is shuddering about all the lies their mothers have been telling. She doesn’t want anything like that to happen to them. After assuring him he loves her, she tells him there is something she needs to confess that may make him hate her.

As Alexis walks in the square, she sees the news that Julian is dead.

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Portia and Curtis discuss Taggert and Jordan outside Kelly's General Hospital

Outside of Kelly’s, Trina tears into Curtis, accusing him of knowing her father was alive. He insists he didn’t. Trina is shocked that his wife kept this from him. Portia sends her daughter inside and apologizes to Curtis. He says she shouldn’t be apologizing to him, she should be furious at his wife and Taggert. She’s livid but understands why they did what they did. The doctor encourages him to listen to his wife’s rationale to see if his love for her is strong enough.

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