Alexis refuses to go to rehab on GH
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Alexis sits in the interrogation room at the PCPD when Diane enters. Out in the squad room, Sam talks to Chase about her mother’s arrest and then listens at the window as Diane scolds Alexis. Alexis swears she didn’t drive drunk and she had no one else to call and she didn’t want to face her kids.

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Sam enters and Diane leaves them to talk. Alexis again swears she didn’t drive the car and Tracy drove her home. Sam doesn’t believe her. Diane returns, and Sam and Diane won’t bail her out unless she goes to rehab. When Alexis refuses, Diana storms out. Sam tells her mother she either goes to rehab or figures out this mess on her own. Alexis chooses a night in the drunk tank. Sam wishes her mother a Merry Christmas and walks out. As Alexis is led away, Sam runs into Chase in the squad room. He tells her about Julian.

Chase arrests Alexis on GH

Outside the Quartermaine mansion, Dante tries to reach Dr. Kirk via phone, but he doesn’t answer. Inside, Olivia talks to Ned about Alexis’ drunken blowup and how she told her to worry about her marriage to Ned instead of her drinking. Tracy enters and learns they are talking about Alexis. She explains Alexis’ run-in with the law but doesn’t reveal her part in setting her up. Olivia is distracted by a call, and Ned thinks he should go to the PCPD. Tracy thinks one ill-advised encounter with Alexis is enough.

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Dante enters, and Olivia returns in tears. She tells them that Julian is dead. Ned promises he will step up and be Leo’s father in every sense of the word. Dante checks on Leo, who is still asleep, and comforts his mother. In a corner, Tracy lets Ned know that she knows he slept with Alexis, and he needs to leave Alexis to her family and focus on his. Olivia inquires what is going on, and Tracy comments they were eulogizing Julian. Ned says that’s not true. Tracy tries to prevent Ned from confessing, but he just tells Olivia Alexis has been arrested. Olivia encourages him to go to her, but Ned says he belongs there with her. They embrace.

Tracy did a bad thing on GH

In the hotel in Switzerland, Franco is in the shower when Obrecht arrives at his and Scott’s room. Scott asks how she got rid of Dr. Kirk’s body, and she tells him not to fret over it. Franco enters and suggests they have a nice breakfast before he and Scott head back to Port Charles. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and two WSB agents want to speak with Franco about Dr. Kirk.

Franco is shocked on GH

The agents reveal Dr. Kirk was found stabbed to death in an alley this morning. The police think it is a mugging, but the agency is conducting its own investigation. The agents ask about his visit with Dr. Kirk, and Franco reveals he was going to treat him, but later Obrecht told him he was sent off on another assignment. Obrecht says she only repeated what Dr. Kirk told her over the phone last night, and she knew better than to ask for details. The agents leave, and Franco thinks this whole trip has been a waste of time and money. Obrecht doesn’t believe so as she’s decided to return to Port Charles with them. She will remain in the shadows but knows she is needed there. As Franco leaves to check out of the hotel, Obrecht tells a rattled Scott they are in this together. She reminds him it’s better to be her ally than her enemy. Alone, Obrecht declines a call on Dr. Kirk’s phone from Dante. She says, “Don’t worry, Dante. Your new handler is on her way.”

In a hotel room halfway around the world, Jackie, who is finishing up an assignment, calls Robert and asks what all his messages are about, and does it have to do with Finn’s hospitalization. Robert says Finn is fine, so is Chase. Robert noticed she left town just as her husband arrived. She admits she and Gregory are separated. Robert fills her in on the events that have happened in her absence, which includes Finn’s upcoming wedding next month. Robert asks if she’ll be back for it. Jackie confirms. He says, “Splendid. You can be my plus one for the wedding.”

Jackie in a hotel on GH

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At Anna’s place, Finn admits to Anna that he doesn’t hate his father. Instead, he hates himself. Finn explains his history with Jackie, including growing close to her when she shadowed him for a story and introducing her to his father. Imagine his shock when he learned Jackie and his father fell in love and rushed into a marriage. He visited Jackie before the wedding, confronted her about their feelings for one another, and reveals they slept together. He is ashamed of it, and Jackie was going to call off the wedding for him, but he couldn’t give her what she wanted.

Finn confesses to Anna on GH

Finn relays that he skipped the wedding and cut them out of his life. He eventually was going to confess to his father but went to see Jackie first and found her holding Chase. He asked her if the boy was is, and she swore the dates didn’t line up and Gregory was his father. He believed her and stayed away so they could be a family. He let his dad believe the cause of the rift was his moving on so fast after his mother’s death. There’s no point in revealing the truth because Finn doesn’t believe he is Chase’s father. Gregory is his dad. He understands why Anna doesn’t tell Peter the truth about Alex. He would never want to take anything away from Chase — his brother. She thanks him for trusting her with this. She thinks he can still have a proper relationship with his father.

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At the Corinthos mansion, Jason informs Carly there was a bridge collapse in New Jersey and Sonny disappeared into the water. Carly insists Jason take her there.

Carly gets news from Jason on GH

After a short car ride, Jason and Carly arrive at the river bank and begin searching the area for signs of Sonny in the pitch black.

On the next General Hospital: TJ and Molly spend Christmas Eve together.

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