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Florence wakes up in the long-term care facility. Martin has cake for her. Cyrus wishes her a happy birthday as Laura watches them uncomfortably. Florence panics about where she is and wonders who Laura is. When they explain she’s their half-sister, Florence accuses Cyrus of killing her husband. He insists it was an accident and he’s done his best to care for her. Getting distraught, she says he’s a stranger.

Laura and Cyrus debate the past at care facility General Hospital

Noticing how upset Cyrus is, Laura takes him into the hall. She believes him when he says his father’s death was an accident, but she wishes he would have just told her they were related rather than lead her through all these convolutions to get there. Laura wants him to go away but he thinks she’s starting to see how much they have in common. She claims she’s tried to make the world a better place and that’s not true for him. When he gets threatening, Martin comes out and tells his brother to back off. As Cyrus and Laura bicker, he says he will buy up Port Charles one piece at a time.

When Cyrus returns to his mother, he tells her he would buy her anything she wanted to make her smile. He says he’s not a delinquent, he’s made something of himself and brags about his accomplishments. He’s sure she’ll see him as the world does one day.

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General Hospital

Chase and George stop by Anna’s, where Finn is stitching a tail on a stuffed animal. The doctor says he’s planning an early night. Before they can leave, Chase insists they re-establish a family tradition: poker night. As they sit around the table and start to play, they talk about the wedding. Finn says he was wrong to act the way he did when George and Jackie were getting married. George tells his sons how proud he is of them. He admits that he pushed Finn a lot harder. When Chase leaves to get root beer, George tells Finn that Jackie admitted that his not coming to the wedding was partly her fault. It’s clear to Finn that her explanation for why was far from the truth.

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Dante and Carly discuss Sonny at Corinthos house General Hospital

Carly paces the Corinthos compound. Dante shows up and senses something is wrong. He drops off gifts and she explains she hasn’t been able to reach Sonny. She asks how he’s readjusting with Rocco and tells him he’s doing the right thing. He’s been looking through paperwork and realized that Sonny made sure he and Lulu got their house. He wanted to thank him and assures her that his father will be back for Christmas. Dante apologizes for not being around when Donna was born. Carly brings him upstairs to introduce them.

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Peter and Maxie talk baby at Metro Court General Hospital

Peter joins Maxie at the Metro Court and they decide they want to know the sex of the baby. She has the news in an envelope.

Valentin and Anna discuss Dante at Metro Court General Hospital

Valentin joins Anna at a table. She’s met with Dante to assess his mental condition and is afraid Valentin won’t like what she found. She admits that he’s changed a great deal but has improved over the last year. Anna assumes that if the WSB let him out, he must be okay. Valentin doubts the intentions of the bureau. With some more probing, she concedes that the WSB is likely using Dante for something.

Peter and Maxie come out and announce they are having a baby girl. Maxie and Anna wander off to talk flowers for the wedding. Valentin notices Peter seems relieved to be having a daughter. Peter admits he wouldn’t be able to shake the thought that a son might take after Faison. Meanwhile, Maxie runs into Dante by the restrooms and tells him she’s having a daughter.

When Anna gets home, Finn tells her that he can’t keep why he’s been estranged from his family a secret any longer.

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Julian in a bodybag General Hospital

In New Jersey, Jason watches as the bridge collapses and Sonny disappears into the water. He runs down to call for him and hides when a helicopter flies over. The cops start searching the area and find a body. When the body bag is brought out, it’s unzipped to reveal Julian inside with a bullet in his chest. They guess he didn’t drown and ID his body.

Jason stumbles into the Corinthos compound. Carly asks where Sonny is.

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