Sonny holds a gun on Julian on GH
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At the PCPD, Curtis asks Jordan how long she knew Taggert was alive. She admits she helped him fake his death to protect him and Trina. Curtis understands why she did what she did, but he doesn’t understand why she didn’t tell him. She feared if it went wrong that she could be charged, and she didn’t want him to go down as an accessory.

Curtis questions Jordan on GH

Curtis inquires who else knew about Taggert, and Jordan admits Sonny and Jason eventually found out. He’s furious because she saw how the guilt of Taggert’s death ate him up, and he began to second guess himself as to whether there was something more he could have done. He fumes that this is a pattern with her, keeping the truth about parts of her life from him. She swears it was to protect him. Curtis calls what she did lying, and he’s not okay with it. He storms out of her office leaving Jordan in tears.

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In the care facility in Vermont, Cyrus reveals to Laura that Florence is also his mother and welcomes her to the family. Laura accuses Cyrus of lying, but Martin assures her that Cyrus is their brother. Laura realizes Cyrus knew all along that they were related. He learned that she was his sister after she had him put in solitary confinement to try and keep him in prison, so he researched her and discovered their connection. Laura doesn’t care if they share DNA because she holds him accountable for the bomb that almost killed Lulu. He swears he’d never intentionally hurt her or Lulu, but Laura says all he does is hurt people. Martin remarks she has no idea, and it was Cyrus who killed their father.

Cyrus reveals the truth to Laura on GH

Laura asks how Gordon died, and Martin tells her that Cyrus ran him over with his car. Cyrus calls it a tragic accident, and it happened when he was a teenager. He relays that his father was lashing out at him as usual, calling Gordon a mean old man. Cyrus says he was just trying to escape his rage and ran to his car. His father stepped in front of the car as he was pulling out, and it happened so fast. Martin doesn’t believe him and claims their mother never did as well, which is why she kicked him out. Cyrus says he moved west, got his GED, and found lucrative work. Laura quips, “You mean as a drug lord.” Cyrus points out he was cleared of those charges and has been trying to make up for his past mistakes.

Martin scoffs that his attempts to save General Hospital won’t matter, as their mom will see through him. Florence stirs awake, and Martin looks after her. He tells her that he brought her a hummingbird cake for her birthday. Cyrus tells his mother that he’s also there and wishes her a happy birthday. Florence casts an uneasy glance at Cyrus.

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At the Corinthos estate, Carly tells Joss that Trina wasn’t crazy and Taggert is alive. Joss is stunned, and Carly insists that she doesn’t know all the details, but Taggert pretended to be dead to keep Trina safe from Cyrus. Joss comments on how strange their life is at times with all the guards, the secrets, and the looking the other way. Carly knows they have to make compromises to hold on to the things and people they love. However, she understands if this life isn’t working for Joss. Joss swears she’s not looking to change anything. She knows her mom chose this life because the people she loves are in it, and she chooses it for the same reason.

Joss and Carly talk on GH

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At the bus station in New Jersey, Jason takes out Cyrus’ hitman. He immediately calls Diane. A cop arrives on the scene and orders Jason onto the ground. Jason complies as the cop cuffs him, and Jason refuses to speak without his attorney. Diane quickly arrives and demands a moment with her client. Jason fills her in on what happened, and Diane informs the police that her client shot this man in self-defense. She insists the surveillance tapes be examined and throws out legal precedents that are in her client’s favor. The cop reviews the security footage and agrees to let Jason go if he will come to the station to make a statement in the morning. Jason agrees, and as Diane speaks with the police, he sneaks out.

Diane questions Jason on GH

Sonny catches up with Julian on a crumbling old footbridge and holds the bleeding Jerome at gunpoint. Sonny offers Julian a chance to live and wants him to tell the cops that Cyrus ordered him to plant the bomb. Julian knows if he does that then he’s still a dead man. Sonny thought Julian wanted a shot at redemption, and the only way he’ll get that is by sacrificing himself and taking down Cyrus. Julian offers to do it as long as Sonny doesn’t kill him when it’s done.

Julian on the footbridge GH

Julian collapses to the ground and tells Sonny that he’s going to have to save his life if he wants his cooperation. Julian passes out and Sonny reaches to check for a pulse. Julian quickly jumps him and as they fight over Sonny’s gun, it goes off. Julian is hit in the gut, stumbles, and falls face forward. Sonny checks his pulse again as Jason arrives. Sonny says it’s just like Julian to die trying to run away. Suddenly the bridge collapses, sending Julian and Sonny plummeting into the river.

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