Julian is haunted by Duke on GH
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In Brooklyn, Sonny and Jason meet with Brick. Sonny says they need his help tracking Julian down. Brick says he will hack into some systems to see if Julian has been spotted on any public cameras using facial recognition software.

Sonny needs help on GH

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Julian arrives at a bus depot in Secaucus, New Jersey and is bleeding from a gunshot to his abdomen. He holds a ticket to Canada, but his bus is delayed an hour. A man sits right next to Julian and reads the paper, and Julian tells him to pick another bench. Duke Lavery reveals himself and says he’s right where he is supposed to be. Duke is thrilled to see his misdeeds catch up to him. Julian says he’s not dead yet and reminds him that he’s not the one that killed Duke. Connie Falconeri appears and recalls he just had someone else do it for him. Julian reminds her that Ava killed her, but she counters that it was to protect him. Julian thinks that was Ava’s choice. Alexis appears and asks him about his own choices, including putting a knife to her throat. She hands him a knife, and he whimpers that Olivia pushed him to do that. Julian says he can’t change the past so what can he do. Alexis grabs the knife and holds it to his throat as she tells him he can balance the scales of justice by dying. All three push Julian to let go as he passes out and drops his bus ticket.

Connie and Duke haunt Julian on GH

At General Hospital, Britt catches Nikolas in Ryan’s room and throws him out and accuses him of trying to rub him out.  Elsewhere, Ava runs into Portia, who leaves an upset voicemail with Trina. Portia is furious that Trina has been skipping school and accuses Ava of letting her hide out at her gallery. Ava swears Trina hasn’t been to work since the explosion. Portia tries to call her daughter again, but Ava thinks Trina probably won’t answer her phone for her mom.

Portia blames Ava on GH

In the park, Jordan runs into Trina as Taggert watches from the bushes. Trina tries to run off, but Jordan stops her and asks the girl to hear her out. Jordan knows Trina blames her for ruining her father’s reputation but says he did plant evidence. Jordan notes while Taggert falsified the evidence, he did so to stop people from dying and save lives. Their talk is interrupted by a call from Ava.

Jordan warns Trina on GH

At the Metro Court, Carly is shocked to learn from Joss that Cyrus told Trina that her father was alive. Cyrus walks in, and Carly confronts him and tells him to stay away from her daughter and her friends and stop poisoning their minds with lies. She walks off, and Cyrus calls someone and orders them to find Trina because it appears there is truth to what Julian told them. Meanwhile, Carly calls Sonny and tells him that Cyrus told Trina that her father could still be alive, and Trina is trying to find him with Joss’ help.

Carly warns Cyrus on GH

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At the long-term care facility, Curtis learns from a nurse that all new patients are given a sedative to make their first night more comfortable. He bursts into Laura’s room and stops the doctor from injecting her just in time, claiming she is allergic to sedatives. He asks for a moment alone with his patient to help her relax and sleep. Once they are alone, Laura thanks Curtis. Curtis tells her that Florence is on this floor, so Laura thinks she can sneak out of her room tonight and visit her. She tells Curtis to come to get her tomorrow and hopefully, they’ll have what they need to bring Cyrus down. Later Laura her way to Florence Grey’s room. She approaches her as she sleeps and then hears footsteps approach.

Laura in danger on GH

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Back at the hospital, Ava joins Nikolas, who is still with Britt, when the alarms in Ryan’s room sound. Britt rushes in as Mac arrives having learned of Chamberlain’s change of condition. Britt returns and reveals Ryan has regained consciousness but appears to be in a permanent vegetative state. Ava bursts into his room to see for herself. Ava gloats she wanted to see him dead, but feels this is a fate worse than death. After Ava leaves, Ryan appears to try and speak. Elsewhere, Trina meets with her mom, who wants to know what is going on with her. Trina confesses that she didn’t go to school yesterday because Cyrus met with her and told her that her father was alive.

Back in Brooklyn, Brick meets with Sonny and Jason that he’s located Julian in New Jersey waiting for a bus to Canada.

Taggert appears from the bushes in the park. Jordan says she arranged for him to see Trina one last time, and now he has to get out of town. Suddenly a shot is fired, and Jordan and Taggert draw their weapons and return fire. As the man dies, he tells them he was sent after the girl to draw Taggert out. Jordan realizes she needs to hide Taggert in the one place Cyrus can’t get to him. Later, Mac arrives to meet Jordan. She explains she killed this perp to protect someone. Taggert emerges and says hello to Mac.

On the next General Hospital: Julian turns to one last person for help.

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