Laura and Curtis plot in Vermont General Hospital
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Curtis and Laura pull up at the Mountain Lodge Longterm Care Facility in Vermont. The place has strong security, so they aren’t sure how to get in. He spots some carolers and runs over to join them to get a better look at the facility. When he returns to Laura, he says the only way they can get in is if they are staff, family, or a patient. Moments later, he wheels Laura in while pretending to be a doctor. He makes the secretary summon the chief of staff. They have no paperwork for either of them. The chief of staff says she can’t be admitted without a referral. Laura acts upset and Curtis suggests they contact Kevin. They agree to admit her immediately. Soon, she’s tucked into bed and remembers when she really was committed. He takes off when the chief of staff comes in with an injection to give her. Down the fall, Curtis snoops on the computer and finds Florence’s name among the patients.

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Violet wants to be flowergirl at Anna's General Hospital

At home, Finn and Anna talk about the wedding and Violet being excited to be a flower girl. Finn wants out of the double wedding. His daughter overhears this and gets excited. He and Anna try to explain that wouldn’t be as much fun as it sounds. They assure her she will still be the flower girl. George and Chase show up and Violet tells them about the double wedding. Chase already has a plus one in mind. Things are awkward when Violet asks her grandpa if he has one too and asks to see pictures of his wedding. George explains Finn wasn’t at the wedding and shows her a photo on his phone. Violet, Chase and George go off to get cookies and Anna thinks she knows why the wedding photo upset the doctor so much. He tries to change the subject, but she senses there is more about his stepmother than he is letting on. Finn claims he just felt betrayed by his father moving on so fast. When their guests return, Finn has an announcement.

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Martin tells Valentin about his family at Metro Court General Hospital

Martin finds Valentin in a corner at the Metro Court. Valentin reminds him he was fired and the lawyer apologizes for being callous. His former client forgives him. Before they can resume their professional relationship, Martin confesses that Cyrus is his brother. He assures Valentin that he has as little to do with his brother as possible and doesn’t want to be anywhere near the fallout when he slips up. They sign some paperwork, and the lawyer assures him he won’t regret hiring him back. Meanwhile, Jordan stops in looking for Sonny. She finds Carly and says she needs to talk to Taggert. Carly plays dumb but the commissioner guesses Taggert is hiding out at the Corinthos compound. She explains that Trina has been digging into this with Joss’ help. They bicker about keeping them safe and the cop insists she needs to meet Taggert immediately.

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joss questions trina about cyrus gh

Trina, Joss, and Cam are at Perks, going over the records showing Taggert is dead. Trina assumes they are fake and reminds them of how rattled Epiphany was. Joss doesn’t think she should be trusting Cyrus and suggests he’s torturing her with hope. Her friend says her instincts tell her that her dad is alive. Carly calls Joss to the Metro Court and she runs off. Cam and Trina talk about her situation and he hopes that her dad is alive. He offers to help, but there’s somewhere she needs to go alone.

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Jordan and Carly talk Taggert at Metro Court General Hospital

When Joss arrives at the Metro Court, her mom questions her about snooping at the hospital. Joss admits they were looking for proof Taggert is still alive. Trina was going to start digging anyway so she thought she should help. Joss won’t explain why her friend thinks her father is still alive. After her mom puts on the pressure, Joss admits it’s because of Cyrus.

Jordan sneaks onto the Corinthos compound and Taggert finds her in the garden. She lectures him for putting people he cares about in danger and explains what’s happening with Trina. He admits that Julian saw him alive. The commissioner orders him to leave town and stay away this time.

Trina sits on a bench in the park, thinks about her father and cries.

On the next General Hospital: Ava reaches out to Trina.

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