Sonny holds a gun on Julian on GH
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Brando enters an elevator with Sasha at the Metro Court. She accuses him of constantly interfering in her life. Sasha steps off and meets with Maxie in the restaurant. Sasha wants to discuss an upcoming show, but Maxie has bad news. The lawyers think she’s a liability, but she and Lucy were able to talk them into keeping her with some tweaks to her contract. Maxie tells her that she’ll need to agree to random drug tests, and she can only eat the food they provide her at public events. Sasha thinks Maxie doesn’t trust her. Maxie cares about her as a friend, but as her partner, she doesn’t trust her. Sasha agrees to all the terms and swears she’s not an addict and can follow these. Maxie says there is one more thing and asks her to consider coming forward with her problem to the press and get ahead of the story that will eventually come out. Sasha will consider it and signs the new contract, and then excuses herself for a few moments.

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At another table, Britt meets with Cyrus. She is concerned about the overages and lab expenses that are straining the budget. He reveals that he has a team working on a new pain medication that is under governmental review. Britt makes it clear that good medical care is her priority, not the sale of drugs. He thinks she should appreciate the opportunity to make the hospital some cash, which she indicates she does. Britt isn’t sure what business he thinks they are in, but she’s in the business of saving lives. She departs, and Sasha swoops in and apologizes for running out on Cyrus last night. Suddenly Brando approaches and informs Cyrus that he threw Sasha out after finding her searching his place for drugs, and he assures his boss that he won’t let her bother him further. Cyrus warns her whatever she thinks she’s doing, she’d be better returning to playing dress-up. Sasha storms off, and Cyrus receives a call about trouble brewing. Meanwhile, Britt chats with Maxie, and they discuss becoming family again soon. Britt would love to visit with James as he is her only connection to Nathan. They talk about how much Obrecht also loves James. Maxie is glad Obrecht doesn’t know about the baby she’s carrying, or that she’s marrying Peter. She hated having to choose between Obrecht’s suspicions and Peter, but she chose and Obrecht lost out.

Sasha gets bad news on GH

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In Switzerland, Franco leaves a message with Liz that he’s excited to come home and is hopeful after his meeting. In Dr. Kirk’s office, Obrecht confirms that Kirk is dead. He thinks they should call someone, but she warns Scott that he just killed one of the WSB’s top researchers, and nobody will believe his story that it was an accident. Franco knocks on the door and finds it locked and wonders if his dad is okay. Obrecht tells Scott to take Franco to the hotel and tell him nothing and let her handle the body. Scott exits the office and promptly suggests to Franco they go to the hotel and rest.

Dr Kirk is dead on GH

By the side of the road, Alexis is passed out behind the wheel of her car as Tracy calls 911 and reports her friend driving drunk. As Alexis begins to stir, Chase arrives. Chase tells her that she drove her car off the road, but Alexis says she wasn’t driving, Tracy was. Tracy says she did drive her home and went inside the kitchen to make her coffee to wake her up. When she went to bring it out to her, Alexis had taken off in the car and went off the road. Alexis recalls none of this, and Tracy accuses her of having a blackout. Chase tries to give her a sobriety test, but Alexis declines because she only had three drinks. He warns her there will be consequences and asks for her license. He confiscates her license and places her under arrest. Tracy thinks they could just send her to rehab, but Chase explains if Alexis is over the limit she’ll be charged with driving while intoxicated or under the influence. He cuffs her and she thinks nobody will care if he locks her up.

Tracy calls 911 on GH

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In New York, Sonny catches up with Julian in an alley and aims a gun at him. Julian knows how this ends and tells Sonny to shoot him and get it over with. Sonny says that is an option, or he can take him to the cops and he tells them that Cyrus ordered him to plant the bomb. Julian knows if he does that then Cyrus will kill him. Suddenly a masked assailant shoots at Julian, who goes down. Sonny takes cover behind a dumpster, and Jason takes down the shooter. In the process of the shootout, Julian escapes. They assume Cyrus sent the guy and flee when they hear cops approaching. Later, Sonny and Jason head to the same coffee house he went to with Mike awhile back. They discuss Julian and Sonny says if Julian won’t give Cyrus up to the cops then he’ll take him out himself.

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At Franco and Scott’s hotel in Switzerland, there is a knock at the door. Franco answers the door to Obrecht, who says she is there to save Franco. He appreciates the offer but is meeting with Dr. Kirk tomorrow. She reveals he’s no longer available and has been reassigned, so now his fate rests with her. Scott refuses to let the doctor mess with Franco’s brain, but she reminds them she’s an excellent doctor. Franco tells her about his symptoms and hearing what appear to be other people’s conversations. She asks him to say the first thing that comes to his mind. He tells her that he thinks about Drew, but hears Peter’s voice which may be one of Drew’s memories.

Sasha goes to the coffee house and receives a call from Brando checking in on her. She’s furious with him for ratting her out to Cyrus, and tells him to stay out of her way.

Back at the Metro Court, Cyrus tells Brando they have a loose end to handle.

On the next General Hospital: Maxie has to make some hard choices.

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