Julian looks for Kim in New York General Hospital
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At the WSB facilities in Switzerland, Dr. Kirk tells Franco the voices he’s hearing are probably leftovers from his time as Drew. Franco hopes this means he’s not turning back into the other man. Meanwhile, Scott bumps into Obrecht, shocked to see her out of lockup. She insists she was freed because she was framed. She’s sure Franco will believe it once she can explain. He appears and offers to listen. As she makes her case, Dr. Kirk calls her away for some alone time in his office. When she refuses to have sex on the floor, he accuses her of using him to get what she wants. After she says this is disgusting, he threatens to call Anna, so she puts her switchblade to his throat. After he wrestles it away, Scott bursts in and punches him in the face. Kirk falls on the blade. He’s dead.

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General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Tracy tries to stop Alexis and Olivia from fighting about Ned. Dante arrives and sits with his mother. He doesn’t know what to do about Rocco. He’s pretty much a stranger to his own son and scared to take him home. She worries she’s built a wall between him and his son but he insists that’s not the case. Liv tells him he may have to struggle with it, but taking Rocco home is what’s best. Her son thanks her for all she’s done and for never giving up on him. Tracy takes Alexis over to the bar. She’s sorry about her troubles and offers her a job in Amsterdam. Alexis assumes she just wants to get her away from Ned. The former lawyer assures her she has no intention of breaking up the marriage. Tracy can’t rely on that promise since she’s drunk all the time. She insists on driving her home. In a corner, Sam explains to Carly she told Jason not to come home. Carly knows how she feels. Sam admits that part of her wanted Jason to fight her on this, but he wouldn’t. It’s heartbreaking when you put your kids first. She apologizes for saying that to Carly. Once Sam leaves, Carly calls Jason to say she loves him. Meanwhile, Ava and Nikolas sit at a table and he suggests it’s time for them to start over. He hands her their post-nuptial agreement. She’s livid to see it until he explains he wants her to destroy it. After she rips it up, they toast.

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Tracy and Alexis are driving down the road. Alexis admits she told Ned to come clean with his wife. If he doesn’t tell her, somebody should. After Alexis passes out, Tracy pulls over and puts her behind the wheel of the car.

General Hospital

Jason and Sonny sit in a car in New York City. As they wait for news from Spinelli, Jason tells his boss that he and Sam split up. He explains that she’s not wrong to want this for the sake of the children. He’s been blindsided by this and blames himself for letting it happen. “I never should have been a father,” he says, even though he’s proud of his son. He knows he could never leave the business, so his only choice is to do what Sam wants. Sonny assures him his children will one day realize he did the honorable thing. Spinelli calls.

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Julian sneaks into an apartment building and knocks on a door, looking for Kim. She’s not there, but one of her employees is. She guesses he’s Charlie and lets him in. They talk about Oscar and she says Kim will be surprised to see him when she gets back from the hospital. He’s only come to say goodbye. A baby starts crying. After she sees to him, she explains that it’s Kim’s baby and she’s the nanny. The fire alarm goes off. She leaves with the baby, calling Kim to say that Julian has no idea the baby is his.

In the parking garage, Sonny corners Julian with a gun.

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Ava and Nikolas go to General Hospital to see unconscious Ryan. She wishes she’d killed him a long time ago. Nik picks up a pillow to suffocate him when Felix interrupts. The nurse says Ryan isn’t waking up any time soon and might not even remember who he is. After they all leave, Ryan’s finger moves and his eyes open.

On the next General Hospital: Maxie has to make some hard choices.

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