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Alexis stops by Sam’s place and begs for a chance to talk. Sam invites her in, and Alexis apologizes for what she said at Thanksgiving, and for constantly disparaging Jason. She knows she needs to accept her daughter’s choices. Sam tells her to stop and thinks her mother is only saying this so she’ll basically look the other way while her mom continues drinking.

Alexis apologizes on GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy feels slighted that Ned left town on business just when she returned. Olivia promises that he’ll be back soon, and Monica comments that there have been an awful lot of comings and goings lately. Olivia departs for work, and Tracy asks Monica whether Ned is avoiding her or his wife. When Tracy orders her former sister-in-law to spill. Monica reveals that Ned got drunk and cheated on his wife. Tracy is furious and asks if they can pay the woman to keep silent. Monica doubts it because the woman in question was Alexis. Surprised to hear Alexis has fallen off the wagon, Tracy quips that drunk lips sink ships and marriages, realizing she needs to fix the situation for her son.

Tracy learns Ned cheated on GH

At General Hospital for an OB appointment,  Maxie admits to Peter that planning a double wedding will be a lot of work. By the nurses’ station, Anna chats with Finn and begins to tell him about her conversation with Maxie, who proposed an idea for their wedding. Finn is interrupted by a message from Violet’s preschool, which needs the tot’s vaccination records. He exits, suggesting they meet in an hour.

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At the WSB complex in Switzerland, Scott accompanies Franco to meet Dr. Kirk. They check in with the secretary Helga, who has no record of his appointment or a referral from Dr. Collins. She says Dr. Kirk’s first available appointment isn’t until March, and they are closing soon. In his office, Dr. Kirk calls Dante for a report. Dante fills him in that he still can’t connect Peter to any of the attacks. The doctor clicks his pen into the phone to remind Dante to complete his mission. Obrecht feels Kirk needs to go back to Port Charles immediately because his control over Dante is slipping. He asks her to come with him now that the charges against her have been dismissed, but she insists that they need to take care of Peter first. Meanwhile, the secretary catches Scott and Franco trying to sneak in to see the doctor and stops them. She gives Franco fifteen seconds to explain, and he lays out his entire story. Helga calls Dr. Kirk and tells him that Franco Baldwin is there from the US to see him. Obrecht overhears and begs Kirk to see her dear friend, saying she’ll hide until he’s gone. Dr. Kirk sees Franco and Scott, and he looks over the younger man’s records. Franco is worried his tumor is causing problems again like it did in the past. Scott eventually steps out to clear his head after the long trip, leaving Franco and Dr. Kirk to  discuss the memory transfer. The doctor thinks there could be a connection. Out in reception, after Helga leaves the office, Obrecht accesses her laptop to see why Franco is there. Scott returns and is stunned to see her.

Franco and Scott demand to see the doctor on GH

Back at General Hospital, Anna runs into Dante in the stairwell. She suggests they get a coffee and catch up. At the nurses’ station, Liz helps Finn send Violet’s records to her school. Later, Maxie and Peter run into Finn, and she asks if Anna has talked to him yet about the wedding. Finn says she mentioned something, adding that whatever Anna wants is fine by him. Maxie is thrilled they will be walking down the aisle together in a double wedding.

Maxie asks Finn for a favor on GH

Liz arrives at Sam’s to find her bickering with Alexis about her drinking problem. Sam sees her mom out, and Liz apologizes for just showing up on her doorstep. She needed to talk to Jason about spending time with Jake, but Sam says he’s out of town on work. Sam eventually opens up that she and Jason have separated due to the dangerous world he’s operating in. Liz is sorry but understands that they have to put their kids first. Liz offers to be there if she ever needs to talk.

Over coffee, Anna questions Dante about what happened in Geneva. She admits she had tried checking on him, but there was a complete blackout where information about him was concerned. Dante says he ordered the doctors not to talk to his family or let anyone see him. Anna knows how a long assignment can mess with your head, and offers to be a sympathetic ear should he ever need to talk. She tries to touch his hand, but he pulls away and changes the subject to her upcoming wedding.

Anna worries about Dante on GH

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At the Metro Court, Olivia finds Alexis sitting at the bar. Olivia tries to talk to her and wishes Ned was there because he knows how to get through to the former lawyer. Eventually, Olivia orders the bartender to cut Alexis off and says if she wants to talk, then come find her. Alexis follows Olivia and antagonistically points out that the hotelier isn’t perfect, either. Tracy arrives just in time to overhears Alexis suggest Olivia should worry about herself and her marriage rather than anybody else’s situation.

Olivia confronts Alexis on GH

Anna returns to General Hospital, where Finn confronts her about the double wedding. Anna tells him that she’s been meaning to talk to him, admitting she hates the idea. Saying he only agreed to it because he thought that was what she wanted, the pair reluctantly realize they’re now stuck with it.

On the next General Hospital: Julian goes looking for Kim Nero as Sonny and Jason close in on him.

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