Sonny and Diane question Martin at the Metro Court General Hospital
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Diane meets with Sonny at the Metro Court. He asks her to get the truth from Martin about his connection to Cyrus. They cross the room and corner the lawyer, listing the things that Cyrus has done to Sonny’s family. They point out that Martin works for Renault and assume that he was involved in the bombing. “I have no idea what my brother is up to,” Martin blurts out. That wasn’t what they were expecting and raises more questions. Martin says his brother was wild and he wanted no part of his life. Their mother fell seriously ill and Cyrus has been paying her expenses. That’s the only connection they have.

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Sam asks Jason to move out at penthouse General Hospital

At the penthouse, Jason apologizes to Sam for not being able to go to Danny’s game. Sobbing, Sam tells him not to come back. She and the kids can’t handle the grief anymore. He checks his phone and then says he won’t leave until they figure this out. She couldn’t survive having to grieve the loss of her child. Letting him go is what’s best for their son. As much as he wants this to last, he’s always known this time could come and won’t fight it. She knows he can’t change and she can’t let their kids live in fear. Nothing can ease the pain of losing a child. If what’s best is for him to leave, he will. He thanks her for every day they’ve had. Neither of them wants this to end but there is no other choice. Sonny keeps calling and asks Jason to pick him up. Before he leaves, they tell each other how much they love one another.

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Willow questions Sasha on the street General Hospital

Willow runs into Sasha on the street. They both want to get things into the open so they can move on. Willow is livid about being betrayed, not just by Chase but by Sasha as well. She was the first real girlfriend she ever had.

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General Hospital

Carly creeps up on Michael at the Quartermaine estate’s backdoor. When he lets her in, she asks for forgiveness. He knows that she had good intentions, but his life is a mess and it’s hard to forgive her for that. All the bonding he and Willow have done has been based on a lie. His mom urges him to take time to sort out his feelings. After she leaves, Willow comes in and tells him about her conversation with Sasha. Willow says that no matter how confusing things are, she still wants them to be friends.

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Curtis and Jordan talk Cyrus at home General Hospital

At their place, Curtis tells Jordan how lucky they are for getting back together. The topic quickly turns to Florence and they ponder her relationship to Cyrus. He decides to do some digging in the records. Once he’s gone, Epiphany shows up and warns Jordan that the wheels are coming off her cover up. She caught Taggert shadowing Portia and Trina and it will soon be obvious he’s not dead.

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Laura tells Cyrus she wants him out of town at shooting range General Hospital

At the shooting range, Cyrus is surprised when Laura starts firing off rounds beside him. “I was just thinking of you,” she tells him. He had no idea she was such a shooting enthusiast and asks for more about her past. She doesn’t feel like sharing with him and wishes he’d leave Port Charles. He insists that his reasons for staying are personal. When she gets threatening, he chuckles and says they have the same wild streak. They chat about Lulu’s care and he mentions a treatment facility in Vermont. After he leaves, Curtis joins her and she tells him what Cyrus mentioned about Vermont. They wonder if that’s where Florence is. He finds out that the Mexican pharmaceutical company only ships to one place in Vermont, so they decide to go there.

Cyrus drops by the Metro Court and pays his condolences to Sonny for Dev.

On the next General Hospital: Dante and Anna catch up.

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