Sam tells Jason to leave on GH
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At Jordan and Curtis’ place, Jordan surprises her husband with a Cancun themed celebration for their belated anniversary. Their celebration is derailed by her thoughts of Cyrus and the bomb that went off. Curtis tells her there is no way to stop Cyrus in which lives aren’t lost. Later, he surprises her with a necklace and says he didn’t forget their anniversary either.

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Joss, Cam and Trina go to the hospital where Trina wants to use Cam’s mom’s laptop to login to get her father’s records. Cam realizes Epiphany is lurking, so Trina says she’ll deal with her. By the nurses’ station, Sasha is being discharged and Epiphany hopes she will seek help for her addiction or at least stay away from those who would bring her trouble. After Sasha leaves, Trina tries to stall Epiphany with questions about her dad’s death, and why his body was whisked away before she could say goodbye. Epiphany thinks she should talk about this with her mother and walks off. Around the corner, Cam is able to get into his mom’s account and tries to figure out how to access Taggert’s files. Epiphany spots them as Trina trails her and the nurse asks what they are doing, and if that is a hospital laptop they’re on. Cam says it’s his laptop, which just looks like his mother’s. The kids run off, and Epiphany gets a notification on her tablet that Taggert’s records were accessed.

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At Cyrus’ place, Cyrus needs Brando to bring the car around as he has a meeting at the Metro Court. Brando feels he can do more than simply drive Cyrus around and that he’s earned more responsibility. They debate the Sasha mishap, and Brando swears Sasha won’t rat him out because she’s embarrassed and wants to put this behind her. Cyrus tells Brando that Sasha is unpredictable and puts him in charge of making sure the girl doesn’t do something stupid. Cyrus opens the door to find Sasha standing there. She storms in furious and can’t believe Cyrus didn’t visit her in the hospital once. Cyrus says he sent flowers and thought she’d prefer her space. Sasha thought they had a connection. He apologizes and asks for a second chance. She will consider it, but only because of his driver, who told her that he couldn’t visit her because it might start rumors. Cyrus has to go but tells Brando to stay with Sasha and keep her company until he returns. Alone, Brando asks what she’s doing? Sasha is getting her revenge. She searches his place to find some of the drugs to take to the cops. Brando tells her for her own good to leave this alone and forces her out of the apartment. Sasha storms off.

brando asks cyrus for more responsibility gh

At the Metro Court, Sonny and Martin accidentally bump into one another. After small talk, Sonny instructs Martin to have a seat. Sonny reveals Julian is in trouble and asks if the Jerome came to him for help. Martin admits he did.

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At Sam’s place, Sam plays a boardgame with Danny as Jason watches. After the game, Jason sends Danny upstairs to see if his sister wants to play. Once alone, Jason tells Sam that it was Julian who planted the bomb at The Floating Rib. Sam is stunned, and Jason explains everything Julian has been involved in starting with Wiley and up through planting the bomb for Cyrus. Jason reveals there is more and tells her about confronting Julian at Wyndemere and him jumping off the turret, but no body has been found. Jason says there is a possibility he’ll have to leave. Sam is disgusted by her father’s actions and cries when you live the life of a mobster you don’t get a happy ending. Jason’s phone rings, and it’s Sonny. The don asks Jason to meet him at the Metro Court as he has a lead on Julian. Jason tells Sam that he’ll be back as soon as he can. After Jason leaves, Danny returns and is upset Jason is not home. He admits that he doesn’t like that they never know dad’s schedule and they barely see him. He also knows his friends’ parents are afraid of dad, and wishes they had a normal family.

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Jason meets with Sonny at the Metro Court, where Sonny fills Jason in on Julian using Martin’s cash and car to flee town. Sonny tells Jason to go home and pack and meet back at his place, he still has a few loose ends to tie up. Later, Cyrus meets up with Martin. Martin slides him a napkin on which is written, “JJ stole my car, left this morning, Sonny knows.” Martin says he always told him that he wanted nothing to do with his world, but he deserved a heads up. Martin departs, and Cyrus follows. Sonny goes to the bar to pay for Martin’s drink and learns Cyrus paid for it.

Jason returns home and Sam soon finds him packing to leave. Sam cries that all this time Julian tried to live this fantasy life that he was a good guy and it was just a lie, and she can’t do this anymore. Sam tells Jason when he leaves this time not to come back.

On the next General Hospital: Epiphany warns Jordan her cover-up is in danger of being blown. Jason asks Sam if she’s asking him to move out.

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