Nikolas and Ava talk Julian at Wyndemere General Hospital
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Carly arrives at Sonny’s restaurant and tells Sonny and Jason they have a problem as Taggert seems to be reluctant to stay in hiding. Sonny assures her that they’ll take care of him. Sonny and Jason bring Carly up to speed on everything involving Julian, including the bombing and him knowing the truth about Wiley. Carly is flabbergasted and realizes this is how Nelle got control over the Jerome. Carly worries about Nelle and finally comes clean to them that Nelle is Nina’s daughter. Sonny asks if anyone else knows, and she admits Jax does, but she is sure he won’t tell her.

Carly rails at Sonny on GH

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Trina arrives at the Corinthos estate and tells Joss the news that her dad may be alive, according to Cyrus. She thinks back to her father dying in the hospital, and it didn’t make sense to her at the time, but maybe he did go into hiding. She swears Joss to secrecy and has a plan to find more information.

Trina swears Joss to secrecy

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At General Hospital, Britt makes a call looking for Julian, but nobody has seen him. Chase approaches her with some questions about the drugs that Sasha overdosed on. In Sasha’s room, Nina checks on her and says she knows about the cocaine that caused her heart attack. Nina doesn’t want to see her throw her life away because she cares about her. Sasha thanks her for her concern. Chase enters to speak with Sasha, so Nina leaves them. He feels bad that he didn’t recognize her problem earlier. She says the cocaine was her way of coping with their lie, and she can’t believe he’s been able to keep it together. Chase admits that he finally told Willow the truth. She is angry with but wonders if Michael knows the truth now and if that is why he sat with her. She’s hopeful he may be able to forgive her. Chase bursts her bubble and reveals Michael and Willow’s marriage is a real one now and they are sleeping together. Back in the halls, Britt chides Lucas about how cruel he’s been to Brad. Lucas says Brad got himself into this mess with his lies and he only cares about himself. Britt says Brad couldn’t have kept the truth about Wiley a secret on his own and he had help.

Chase questions Britt on GH

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At Wyndemere, Ava confesses to Nikolas about Julian’s part in Wiley’s kidnapping, Nelle’s letter, and Ryan blackmailing her. She knew Sonny and Jason were coming for Julian, so she decided to show Julian mercy and kill him. She was about to shoot him when Sonny and Jason arrived, so he jumped off the turret to escape. Nikolas thinks Julian may have survived, but Ava says nobody was there to save him. He asks why she chose to kill him. She tearfully reveals that Julian planted the bomb at The Floating Rib because Renault put him up to it, and he was tricked into detonating it earlier than it was supposed to go off. Nikolas is furious that Ava chose to hide him, but she didn’t know the extent of what he did at the time. She made a choice not to protect her brother and let him ruin her life with Nikolas. She betrayed her brother for him, and she hopes he can accept her and that she is enough for him. He tells her she is more than enough, and they will build a future together because he loves her too.

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Willow talk about their circumstances. Neither regrets making love, but Willow feels learning Chase and Sasha’s affair was a lie changes things. She asks Michael if he’s spoken to Sasha yet. He hasn’t because he’s so angry that he doesn’t know what he’d say. He also doesn’t know if he can forgive Sasha for lying to him, and the pain they caused was real. Willow says pain and hurt aside, the two of them can’t move forward together without figuring out if Sasha and Chase are behind them.

Michael and Willow discuss the future on GH

Nina and Jax meet at the coffee house, and Nina relates her concern for Sasha to him. She’s forgiven Sasha for her lie, which makes Jax wonder if she’s forgiven Valentin too. She knows what Valentin did was wrong, but she understands his motives a little better after seeing Charlotte in such pain this week. She knows sometimes people do what they do to spare others pain. Nina thinks about her daughter and hopes she was raised by good people and had a good life, even if she never gets to be a part of it. Jax wonders if maybe it is time that she stopped looking for her daughter.

Jax and Nina talk on GH

Back at the hospital, Chase is surprised to get a text from Willow asking to see him. After Chase leaves, Michael arrives to see Sasha. In the hall, Britt tells Lucas that everything Brad did was for him so he wouldn’t lose what family he had left, which is why he took the fall for Wiley’s kidnapping alone.

Sasha is furious on GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase arrives to see Willow.

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