Franco hears voices on GH
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Jordan and Curtis arrive home, and moments later Cyrus arrives at their door. He hopes Jordan’s trip was satisfactory and that she is back on the job soon. He quickly leaves, and Curtis feels if they can find Cyrus’ patient then they will be the key to taking him down. They look through the medical records they acquired from the care facility and learn the patient’s name is Florence Gray, who once used to live in Port Charles.

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At Anna’s, Maxie and Peter surprise Finn with a welcome home party. As they all sit down for tea, Maxie asks why Alex was obsessed with her and her baby. Anna explains family was always important to Alex, but she was never able to have her own, which is why she has pretended to be her on occasion. After some discussion of being hopeful that Lulu will soon return to them, Anna tells them that she and Finn decided to have a smaller more intimate wedding, so they don’t have to put it off any longer than they already have. Peter and Maxie decide to head out, and Peter tells Anna how much he loves her, and calls her mom. Outside, Maxie has an idea to run by Peter about their wedding.

At General Hospital, Cam visits with Franco and his mom. Franco is awake and Cam learns the tumor is still there, only smaller, and they may be able to treat it with radiation now. Franco sends Liz to get him some sugar from a vending machine in order to give him and Cam a chance to talk. Franco admits he is scared, and Cam says he’s terrified. Franco plans to fight, but he wants Cam to also fight and expect good things can happen for him. The two embrace. In the hall, Martin approaches Liz with Franco’s will, from when he thought he was Drew. He says it’s Franco’s property and he can dispose of it as he sees fit. He wishes her husband well and departs.

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At the Corinthos estate, Sam listens in as Carly talks with Brando about Dev’s funeral arrangements. Sam is distraught over the fact that Dev never should have died in the first place. Up in Dev’s room, Joss and Trina pack up his things. Later, Joss gives her condolences to Brando and gives him the bracelet Dev was wearing when he first moved in with them and almost never took off. Brando thanks her and heads out. Carly comforts Joss as Sam continues to look uneasy. Later, Portia arrives to pick up Trina. They depart, and Sam helps Joss continue to pack up Dev’s room. Joss vents that Dev deserved better than this. She confesses that she knows Sonny and Jason will do their best to protect her, but she wonders what their life would be like if they were safe, normal people. Carly listens in and finally interrupts to see how things are going, and lures Sam out of the room claiming they’ll let Joss get back to packing Dev’s things in private. In the living room, Carly tells Sam that if she needs to talk to someone about what she’s feeling then talk to her. Sam doesn’t know how to explain to Danny and Scout the truth about their father. Carly says she used to tell her kids that no matter what was happening in the world or with their dad, they have a mother who will always keep them safe.

At Sonny’s restaurant, Jason tells Sonny there is no sign of Julian dead or alive. Sonny also vows to find Julian if he survived that jump. Jason wonders if Ava is covering for Julian, but Sonny says Ava knows what he would do if she took his side.

Brando stops by Cyrus’ apartment. Cyrus offers his condolence regarding Dev. Brando expresses his desire to get his hands on the bastard who killed his son and asks if Cyrus knows who it is. Cyrus scoffs that he wouldn’t know who would be responsible for such a heinous act. Brando says Sonny has a lot of enemies and he thought Cyrus might have heard something. Cyrus believes he has a good point and perhaps he should sit down with Sonny and hash some things out. Brando excuses himself to contact Sonny for Cyrus. Cyrus’ henchman appears and Cyrus tells him they need to learn if Julian’s claims that Taggert is still alive are valid. Meanwhile, Brando calls Sonny about Cyrus wanting a meeting. Sonny will meet him, but he has terms. Brando returns to Cyrus and lets him know that Sonny will meet, but he has to come alone.

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Back at the hospital, Jordan and Curtis meet with Portia and ask her if she can get access to 40-year-old medical records. Later they run into Martin and realize he may be related to Cyrus’ patient. Elsewhere, Trina bumps into Cam and asks how his stepfather is doing. He tells her that his tumor is back, but the news is hopeful. Cam gets back to Franco’s room, where Liz delivers Franco a candy bar. They leave him to rest, and Franco hears Peter’s voice in his head saying, “I’m telling you I want this to happen now.”

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Portia and Trina go to the coffee shop for breakfast, and Trina lets her mother know she’s hovering a bit too much. Portia later leaves her, and a mysterious man approaches Trina and asks if she is Trina Robinson.

Back at Sonny’s restaurant, Cyrus arrives with Brando. Jason reminds him that he was to come alone and has Sonny’s man sit Brando at a table. Cyrus goes into Sonny’s office and announces he’s come to give Sonny everything he’s looking for.

On the next General Hospital: Cyrus blames Julian for the bombing, while Carly confronts and blames someone for everything that happened.

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