Julian accuses Ava of putting Nikolas ahead of him at Wyndemere General Hospital
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As Jordan and Curtis are flying over Mexico, they talk about getting the information they need to beat Cyrus. They discuss the postcard and the other things they found in the house. Portia calls and updates them about Lulu.

Jordan and Curtis land and visit the TMPS medical supplies factory. He tries to talk his way in, but when that fails, he makes a scene. She calls security and they allow him in. The second Jordan is left alone, she hacks into their computer. After she copies a bunch of files, Curtis returns.

Curtis and Jordan talk clues on plane General Hospital

Back on the jet, Jordan and Curtis search the files. Cyrus has an account with the company and a patient named Gray.

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Sonny tells Jason Julian has pushed him too far at Corinthos house General Hospital

At the Corinthos compound, Sonny lists the crimes that Julian has committed that he let go. He’s pushed him too far this time. Jason thinks that they should keep Julian alive and get the information they can on Cyrus out of him. His boss says they should get the dirt and kill him.

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Julian is with Ava at Wyndemere. Holding a gun, she asks him what’s next. They argue about him planting the bomb. He insists he had no choice. His sister points out how many bad decisions he’s made but he doesn’t appreciate her being judgmental. When he offers to leave, she levels the gun at him. Ava says that as long as he’s alive, her whole family is in danger, including Nikolas. He can’t believe she’s choosing the Cassadine over her own brother. She claims this is the best, most painless option and takes him out to the parapet. He asks her to tell his children he’s sorry for being a failure and hopes they aren’t weak like him. Before she can shoot, he says they’ll see each other again in Hell. Sonny and Jason rush out, distracting her, and Julian leaps over the edge. After he’s disappeared, Ava confesses she was hiding her brother from Cyrus. After guessing what happened, she decided to kill him. They head back inside and she admits she wanted her brother to die as painlessly as possible.

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Julian washes up on the shore.

Valentin fires Martin at General Hospital

Maxie runs into Brando at General Hospital and tells him how sorry she is about Dev. Across the room, Cyrus chases down Portia and asks about Lulu’s condition. She won’t say anything and suggests he stay away from the family. Maxie comes over and Cyrus asks about Sasha’s condition. The OD is news to Maxie. Valentin arrives with Charlotte. She worries about visiting her mom. Nina joins them and they thank her for coming. After Nina and Charlotte head down the hall, Martin pops up. The lawyer tells Valentin that things have turned out for Lulu as he’d hoped. Valentin doesn’t appreciate that. When Martin suggests they sort out custody now, Valentin fires him. While Dante and Nikolas sit at Lulu’s bedside, Laura looks in. Kevin and Tracy join her. She explains that Luke has gone off the grid for a while and will hate not being here. Tracy begins ranting about what’s happened to the hospital. Portia arrives to update them and they call Dante and Nikolas out. Laura says it’s time for them all to say goodbye. She walks off and tells Maxie that Lulu is about to be transported to the long-term care facility. When Cyrus offers her any help she needs, Laura slaps him. She vows that no one will stop her from taking him off the earth after she gets the evidence he was behind the bombing.

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Dante asks Lulu if he should let her go at General Hospital

Back in Lulu’s room, Tracy tells her how much she and Luke love her. Nikolas is next at her side, complaining about how unfair this is. The prince is followed by Charlotte and Nina, who beg her to get better. When Valentin visits her alone, he tells her how much their daughter needs her and promises to keep Charlotte safe. Maxie takes her turn and offers to send her Deception products. Finally, Dante tells her he’s learned the people who are left behind suffer the most. His heart is broken, and he’s determined to wait for her to come back to him so he can earn her forgiveness. When Laura takes her turn, she begs her to come back to them. She’s rejoiced every day since she was born and is sure she will never give up. Back down the hall, Martin bickers with Cyrus, who doesn’t appreciate him sticking his nose in. Martin points out that Cyrus has never known him to wait until he was called.

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