Dante carries Lulu at General Hospital
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Jason arrives at General Hospital where Sonny tells him they need to find Julian fast. As Stone Cold takes off to get to work, Portia approaches Sonny and explains Carly will break the news about Dev to Joss. Suddenly, Dante runs down the hall with Lulu in his arms. Portia can see that one of her pupils has blown and they rush her away immediately. Meanwhile, Laura goes into Cam’s room to check on him. He’s scared about Franco. Liz joins them and Cam asks for Dev’s number. His mom offers to get it. When she and Laura go into the hall, Laura breaks the news that Dev is dead. Before she can return to tell her son, Liz runs into Scott, who gives her a hug. They go in to see Cam together and tell him about Dev’s death. Downstairs, Sonny and Dante go to the chapel. Dante says he never should have left his family. He goes back upstairs as Kevin is informing Laura about Lulu’s collapse. As Nikolas arrives, Portia approaches them to explain that Lulu has a serious brain injury. The skull has to be moved off her brain. She’s already is surgery.

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Nikolas and Ava talk Julian at Wyndemere General Hospital

When Nikolas returns to Wyndemere, he asks Ava if she managed to convince Julian to leave the country. Julian hides in a corner. The prince gets a call from Kevin about Lulu and takes off. Ava starts to freak out and her brother tells her to relax. As she lectures him, Jason shows up and Julian hides again. She tells him about Lulu and the explosion. Sonny calls Jason to explain that it was a bomb. He speaks to Ava and she convinces him Avery is safe there for the night. As soon as he leaves, Ava goes back to lecturing her brother and worries at what point keeping him alive makes her an accomplice. He reminds her that he did all of this for his son and insists it’s all Sonny’s fault. His sister tells him he has to leave or go to Sonny and finish this. She will help him run but if he chooses to stay, he’s on his own.

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Sam and Molly talk Alexis at the penthouse General Hospital

At the penthouse, Molly and Sam talk about everything that happened tonight with their mom. Sam has started to doubt there is anything they can do about Alexis’ drinking. Carl shows up to say that Jason called him and they need to move now.

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Carly tells Joss Dev is dead at Corinthos house General Hospital

Carly arrives at the Corinthos compound and tells Joss and Trina that Dev was killed in the explosion. After the kids leave for the hospital, Sonny calls Carly and asks her to stay put. Sam and Scout arrive. Once the kid is settled, the women discuss how they might have to run off to Puerto Rico. Jason enters and explains that the bomb was likely meant for him. After Sonny joins them, Sam suggests they should leave the country immediately. Sonny and Carly don’t think it’s necessary and it would send a bad sign.

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Cam learns that Dev is dead at General Hospital

Back at General Hospital, Liz accidentally tells Scott that Franco’s tumor is back. When she talks to Lucas, he explains the operation went as well as they could hope but they’ll have to wait until Franco wakes up for more. Sitting at Franco’s bedside, she unpacks her day for him until he starts to grumble, much to her relief. Down the hall, Joss and Trina sit by Cam’s bed and discuss how they will never see Dev again. Cam can’t get over how random this was. Trina tells him not to waste the time he has now. “That was super deep,” Joss says. They all decide to be more real from now on. Joss’ bodyguard takes her home. Down in the chapel, Laura tells Kevin she should have known something was wrong with her daughter. Dante joins them. When they return to the waiting room, Portia announces that Lulu is in a coma right now. When Dante visits her, he reminds Lulu that she was in the middle of a sentence and begs her to come back and finish it. Outside of the room, Lucas tells her family that a preliminary CT scan might have prevented this. The damage to her brain is severe and recovery will take a long time if it is possible at all. (If you’d like to know what Emme Rylan (Lulu) has to say as this is going on, plus take a photo-filled journey through her character’s storied past, this is the article for you.)

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