The Floating Rib has been blown up General Hospital
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Dante arrives in The Floating Rib parking lot as the building explodes, knocking him down. He gets up and calls 911. Julian jogs over, finds Danny’s hat and starts to panic.

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Laura tells Sonny about David Hamilton in gym General Hospital

Laura meets with Sonny at the gym. She says Cyrus is coming after her over a murder she committed. She tells him about her relationship with David Hamilton and how she accidentally killed him. Although she was convicted of murder, this was suppressed because of her age. Sonny wonders why Cyrus would be so interested in this. It seems like more than blackmail to her.

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Portia updates Carly about Sasha at General Hospital

Carly runs into Portia at General Hospital and asks for an update on Sasha. The doctor assures her she’s holding on. A call comes in about the explosion at The Floating Rib.

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Sam and Molly stage intvention with Alexis at penthouse General Hospital

At the penthouse, Sam tells her mom that she and the family won’t enable her anymore. Valentin and Diane ask her to let them help. Before Alexis can walk out, Molly tells her not to walk away from the best parts of herself. After caving, Alexis sits down and tells them to bring it on. Diane has prepared a statement and reads it, begging her to come back to her and be her old friend again. Alexis says this isn’t the end of the world; she just enjoys a cocktail. They get the news about the explosion and Sam leaves Molly to look after Scout because she doesn’t trust Alexis with her child. Alexis starts looking for booze, but Sam has removed it all. Molly goes upstairs and Valentin reads his letter, telling her how much he owes Alexis. She will always be his sister, even if there is no blood between them. Unmoved, she finds a bottle and begins to complain about Jason and how tonight’s disaster was inevitable.

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Sam, Diane, Sonny and Carly worry about Jason and Danny in the parking lot General Hospital

Liz is the first to wake up inside The Floating Rib and then Franco. While she’s helping Cameron get up, Dustin briefly comes to and notices Lulu covered in debris. Dante finds her, checks her pulse and clears away the debris. He helps her up and she starts to cry for Dustin. The first responders arrive as Liz tries to stop Franco’s bleeding. Carly appears outside and finds Julian stumbling around with Danny’s cap. Mac, Laura and Sonny are on the scene next. Mac worries this could have been a gas leak. Dev is wheeled out by the paramedics and Sonny goes with them to the hospital. Carly tries calling Jason. Dante brings Lulu over to her mom as Dustin is taken to the ER. In the back of the ambulance, Sonny begs Dev not to die. Dev asks him to tell Joss he’s sorry and then dies. Sonny gets out and returns to Carly. They talk about the home they gave Dev and he realizes he needs to call Brando. Sam and Diane arrive, desperate for news about Jason and Danny. When Sam walks into an alley, Julian follows her to confess. She’s not interested in listening and walks away. Jason suddenly appears and Carly runs into his arms. Sam comes over next and he explains that Danny is okay.

Dustin dies in front of Dante at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Lulu is told that Dustin has serious internal injuries. Dante tells her to get checked out before she sees him. He heads down the hall to check on Dustin, who makes him promise to be there for Lulu. As he codes, Portia rushes in and tries to save him but it’s too late. Dante walks down the corridor and tells Lulu, showing her the ring Dustin handed him before he died. Meanwhile, Liz talks to a doctor, who has some good and bad news. Moments later, she goes to Franco and tells him he needs brain surgery now if he’s going to live. He’d rather die than risk going back to the man he used to be. She ignores this and signs the paperwork. Franco insists she needs to let him go.

On the next General Hospital: Carly does what she can to help Brando.

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