julian talks to ava gh
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Carly corners Jason at General Hospital to chat about Sasha. When he mentions he’s chasing a lead, she demands details so she can make plans to smuggle the family out of town. He’s been talking to Britt and guesses she’s starting to realize what Cyrus dragged her into. Meanwhile, Britt goes to Brad’s room. He’s unconscious, but she sits down and talks to him about his surgery. Taking his hand, she tells him he’s the only friend she’s got. Eventually, Brad wakes up and the doctor reminds him he was stabbed. He has an idea who might have attacked him, someone from Renault’s crew. The only person who would want him dead is Julian. He’s sure that he’s dead but Britt says there’s someone who can help.

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lulu asks dante to join her gh

Lulu sneaks up on Dante on the pier and teases him about having his thinking face on. They joke around and he apologizes for undermining her, but he’ll never stop caring. After she leaves, Dr. Kirk appears, acting as Dante’s handler. Dante hands him the flashdrive of stuff he got from the Invader office. He hasn’t found evidence linking Peter to falsifying evidence yet, but plenty of other damaging evidence regarding Anna and Andre. When Dr. Kirk says this can clear Obrecht, Dante argues taking this to the WSB now could also blow his cover. Kirk clicks his pen and orders him to complete his mission. After Dante walks off, Kirk calls Obrecht to tell her she’s as good as free.

laura tells scott something gh

Laura joins Scott at The Floating Rib and tells him she’s found out something disturbing that might put them in danger. Cyrus is after her and Scott is in her blast radius. He’s already dug up the case involving her as a kid. She suspects he’s after doing more than blackmailing her. The mayor admits she had Cyrus thrown into solitary and tried to have him committed. Lulu shows up. Her mother and Scott make an excuse for being together and then he takes off. When Lulu sits down, she admits to her mom that she’s confused. She loves Dustin but she is in love with Dante.

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At the Metro Court, Danny sits with Sam and they discuss Thanksgiving. Danny notices that Alexis is drunk and loud across the room. Sam rushes over and drags her away. Alexis assures her she has a ride home. Sam has given up lecturing her. Cyrus shows up and joins Alexis. As she starts to rant at him for being a drug dealer, he threatens to ‘embarrass’ her. Jason pops up and warns him to back off. Cyrus does and walks away. Alexis doesn’t want Renault to drive her to drink. Sam asks her to clean herself up and then come over to say goodnight to the children. After Alexis takes off, Sam tells Jason she’s going to have an intervention for her mom and asks him to look after Danny. He says he’ll take him to The Floating Rib.

taggert and sonny talk about julian gh

At the Corinthos compound, Sonny warns Taggert that the cold war with Cyrus is about to heat up. Julian may have already told Renault that he is alive. Carly barges in, surprised to see Taggert.

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Ava shows up at Charlie’s Pub and wonders what’s wrong with her brother. Julian asks her to leave but she insists on telling him all about her day. As she makes them drinks, she asks him to confirm that he hasn’t made a deal with Cyrus. He has, which makes her panic. Ava loves him and begs him to let Nikolas get him out of Port Charles. After he says he loves her, she leaves, almost tripping over a package on his doorstep. After he picks it up, he’s told to drop it off at The Floating Rib.

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maxie asks peter why he's worries gh

Maxie interrupts Peter as he works out at the gym. She reminds him they were supposed to have dinner and wonders what’s on his mind. He says he needs to be in fighting shape to protect them. She reassures him that there’s nothing they could have done about Alex and she’s dead now. Peter says they have other threats to face, like Jason. That’s hard for her to believe, but he’s worried about the escalating mob violence. She’s sure he’ll do whatever it takes to protect their family.

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