Jason advises Britt on GH
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At the hospital, Chase swears to Willow that he and Sasha never slept together, and it was all a lie. She refuses to have this conversation in public, so they go to a meeting room. Willow asks why she should believe he’s telling the truth. Chase explains that he and Sasha knew Michael needed to win full custody of Wiley and marrying her would improve his chances. He and Sasha realized that she and Michael would never have married for each other though, so they had to take themselves out of the equation to push them into it. She is devastated that he made such an important decision without including her and asks why he didn’t come forward with the truth earlier. He wanted to, but he could see that she and Michael were falling in love. However, when she came to visit him while Finn was in surgery, he realized he couldn’t deny the fact that he still loved her any longer. In Sasha’s room, Carly tells Michael that Sasha and Chase lied about the affair to push him and Willow together to win custody of Wiley. Michael can’t believe she knew and never told him the truth. She thinks what Sasha and Chase did was smart and noble, and she kept her mouth shut so he would win custody of Wiley. She knows he’s angry, but he hopes he sees that Sasha’s intentions were good. Michael doesn’t know what comes next because things are more complicated now. She wonders if that is due to Willow. Elsewhere, Britt asks Jason what is to stop her from telling Cyrus his theory. He says he’s taking a chance on her and suspects she didn’t sign up for these overdoses. Whatever she may be, he knows she’s not a drug trafficker. He wants her to let him know if she sees or hears anything, he needs a source inside General Hospital. Jason gets a text from Sam wondering where he is. He ignores the text and tells Britt that he’s sure she’ll do the right thing when the time comes. Jason leaves, and Britt orders an inventory of their pharmacy.

Willow is furious with Chase on GH

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At Sonny’s place, Nikolas claims he ordered the hit on Ryan so that he never hurt his wife again. Sonny tells him that he didn’t finish the job as Ryan is still alive and he calls Nikolas an amateur. Sonny gets a text from Taggert that he’s coming over. Sonny orders them to see themselves out and leaves the room. Ava asks Nikolas why he lied. He did so to protect her and her brother from whatever mess they are in. He advises that she tell her brother to disappear. After they leave, Taggert drops by and warns Sonny that Epiphany knows he’s back in Port Charles. Sonny knows Epiphany is loyal, and they need her on their side as this war with Cyrus isn’t going to remain silent much longer.

Nikolas claims he put the hit on Ryan on GH

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At Charlie’s, Julian informs Cyrus that Taggert is alive and he and Sonny are waiting for the right moment to take him down. Cyrus is bewildered, and Julian hopes this information makes them even. Cyrus says they aren’t even, and he doesn’t have proof that Taggert is alive. He wants Julian to take care of his Jason problem, but Julian refuses. Julian calls his bluff and says he’ll be long gone by the time Cyrus gets to Sonny. Cyrus reminds him he’d be leaving behind a lot of loved ones he won’t be able to protect. Julian can’t believe this is happening to him again, and Cyrus tells him it is because he keeps making deals with devils. Cyrus says the package will be delivered and he is to drop it off at the location. He reminds him he’s keeping up his end of the bargain and has taken care of the last loose end tying him to the kidnapping of Wiley. Julian asks what loose end? Cyrus simply reminds him again that the package will arrive shortly. Later there is a knock at Julian’s door.

Julian is in trouble on GH

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Back at General Hospital, Britt is stunned when Brad is wheeled in on a gurney, a transfer from Pentonville. She’s informed he was attacked in his cell. He’s stable but they need to get him into an OR. In the meeting room, Chase tells Willow that he stayed quiet about his feelings because he thought she deserved happiness with Michael. However, almost losing Finn put a lot of things in perspective. He went to tell her the truth, but when he saw her with Michael, he realized her heart might have moved on. Tearfully, Willow says she needs to get back to Michael and Sasha. Back in Sasha’s room, Carly can see Michael is starting to have feelings for Willow. Michael asks his mother for a moment alone with Sasha. She departs, and Michael sits by Sasha’s bed. He felt so betrayed by both her and Chase, and now it was all a lie, and she’s suffered because of it. He knows Wiley’s life is better for her sacrifice, and he doesn’t know how to repay that. At the door, Willow cries as she listens to Michael.

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Michael is upset with Carly on GH

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