Sasha on a ventilator on GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase walks in on Willow and Michael in the nursery about to make love for the third time. Flustered he rushes out and down the steps. Michael chases after him and asks what is going on. Chase claims he was looking for Willow to tell her that Finn was going to be okay. Willow appears, and Chase tells them that he’s happy for them and leaves. In the living room, Ned apologizes to Brook Lynn for how he’s treated her, and she apologizes for how she reacted towards him. Brook Lynn needs clarity right now and has decided to get away for a little while, which Ned understands. They hug one another, and BLQ tells her father to love Olivia and do everything he can to hold on to her.

Chase gets a shock on GH

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At Cyrus’ place, Brando checks on Sasha and fears she’s having a heart attack. Brando wants to call an ambulance, but Cyrus orders him to get her out of his place because he can’t have this tied to him.

Brando helps Sasha on GH

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At Sonny’s restaurant, Jason advises Sonny that the best thing they can do to help Sasha is to stop Cyrus. They’re interrupted by a call from Brando, who needs help. Later, Jason calls Michael and tells him to meet him and his dad at the hospital because Sasha is being taken to the ER.

Jason worries about Sasha on GH

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At General Hospital, Julian runs into Olivia, Sam, and Lucas (played by Matt Trudeau) and asks what has happened and if Leo is okay. He learns Leo fell at the park and is going to be fine. They ask Julian why he’s there. He wanted to check on Ryan Chamberlain. Olivia leaves to see Leo, and Lucas slams his father and tells him to stay out of their lives. Meanwhile, Sasha is brought into the ER by Brando, who tells Lucas that he believes she took cocaine, but he’s not sure.

At the Metro Court, Valentin meets with Martin to discuss custody of Charlotte should he die. He wants to make sure Nina remains a part of her life. At another table, Nina fears she’s run into a brick wall and should give up the search for her daughter. Jax suggests they go back to his place, open a bottle of wine, and talk about this.

Nina loses hope on GH

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At Sonny’s house, Carly sees Avery’s necklace and asks Avery where she got it. Avery says she found it in the woods while at the cabin with her mommy. Carly learns it was in the clearing where she fought Nelle. Carly claims the clasp is loose so she’s going to have it fixed so she doesn’t lose it. She then calls Jax, disrupting his date with Nina, and tells him that she needs him to come over and not to bring Nina. Jax soon arrives, and she shows him the necklace that Nelle was wearing when they fought, making her Nina’s daughter. Carly explains Avery found the necklace, and the second she saw it she remembered Nelle was wearing it when they fought. Jax tells her that he and Nina just learned Nina’s daughter was taken to Northern Florida, and Carly suspects that’s how Frank got her. Jax doesn’t know how to tell Nina this. Carly tells him this will only bring Nina more pain and she thinks it’s better if Nina never knows the truth.

Carly and Avery's locked on GH

Back at the Metro Court, Valentin joins Nina to tell her that he wants her to have legal rights to Charlotte if anything happens to him. She agrees. Nina brings Valentin up to speed on what she learned from Phyllis about her daughter, and if he thinks it’s logical for her to keep looking for her child. He feels she should continue the search. Later by the bar, BLQ says goodbye to Valentin. He tells her things will be a little less interesting without her in town. After he walks away, BLQ pulls out a pregnancy test from her purse.

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Chase goes to Charlie’s to drink and gets a text from Willow asking to talk. Willow arrives later, and he apologizes for barging in on her. Willow apologizes for him walking in on what he did, and she knows he must be hurting. They are interrupted by a call from Michael, who asks Willow to get to the hospital. Chase heads out with her.

Back at General Hospital, Michael, Jason and Sonny learn from Lucas that Sasha overdosed, and whatever she took is a variant of cocaine that has been jacked up several notches. Meanwhile, Cyrus sneaks into Sasha’s cubicle and finds her hooked to a ventilator. He makes a call to someone that they need to tweak the formula and then decides to turn off Sasha’s ventilator as she is a liability. Suddenly Michael pulls Cyrus out of her cubicle and threatens to expose him as the drug-pushing dirtbag he is. Sonny pushes Michael to get back to Sasha, and Cyrus tells Sonny he wants an apology for those unfounded accusations or there will be trouble. Sonny says he’s dealt with trouble for over twenty-five years and it always has a way of disappearing. Cyrus walks off and tells Brando the next time he orders him to get rid of someone it doesn’t mean bringing them to the hospital. Elsewhere, Julian gets a text from Cyrus, who demands to meet at Charlie’s. Later, Willow and Chase arrive, and Michael tells them Sasha overdosed on cocaine. He doesn’t know how they got to this point.

At Charlie’s, Cyrus meets with Julian.

Olivia returns home and Ned tells her that BLQ is moving back to Bensonhurst. Olivia thinks space could do her good, and that she’ll be back one day.

On the next General Hospital: Cyrus tells Julian it’s time to settle up.

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