Nina considers Nelle's question on General hospital
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At the Metro Court, Cyrus instructs Brando to keep Carly away from his meeting on the patio. Brando complains about how Sonny has treated him and his mother. Cyrus says he will regret that and has big plans for him. Across the room, Carly and Jax stare at Cyrus. She pulls him into a corner to say Nelle’s death has been declared an accident. He wonders why she’s not happier about this. Something is still nagging her. Meanwhile, Nina walks in and corners Sasha, hoping that she’s stopped using. Sasha doesn’t appreciate the concern and walks off. When Nina joins Jax and Carly to discuss Sasha, the model pops up and lectures them for sticking their noses in her business.

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General Hospital

She storms out to the patio to meet with Cyrus. As soon as she sits down, she asks what he expects in exchange for the bag of blow he sent her. He claims he just wants to be friends and hopes they can share each other’s company. Renault can hear Nina yelling at Brando and lets her in, sending Sasha away. Nina orders Cyrus to stay away from Sasha. He starts flattering her magazine and its portrayal of women, wondering why she doesn’t consider Sasha an intelligent, independent woman. Cyrus says Nina is treating Sasha like a toddler. He smiles when Nina threatens to destroy him. Meanwhile, Brando and Sasha bicker about their relationships with Cyrus. She opens up about hurting Nina and thinks she’s still looking out for her. Across the room, Phyllis, Nina’s old nurse, arrives. Jax seems skeptical about who she is until Nina spots her and gives her a hug. She asks Phyllis what happened to her baby. Back on the patio, Sasha rejoins Cyrus. When he suggests they order dinner, she finds a bag of cocaine under her menu. Back inside, Carly asks Brando to keep an eye on Sasha.

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General Hospital

Michael walks in on Willow dancing as she paints stars on the ceiling of Wiley’s room. He already called a painter to do this, but she doesn’t think they should trust it to anyone else. He offers to be her assistant. As they paint, she drips it on him. Wiping his face, she tells him about giving Chase support during a hard time. They chat and he casually opens an envelope from Diane. It’s the annulment papers. They’re surprised they came so fast. She suggests they read before signing. Sitting close, they admit it’s hard to concentrate. He leans in for a kiss.

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Chase and Brook Lynn discuss Willow at General Hospital

Brook Lynn goes to General Hospital to visit Finn. The nurse won’t let her see him. Chase steps off the elevator and wonders why she wants to see his brother. She really just wanted to see the detective. He fills her in about his dad coming to see Finn and his parents getting a divorce. She informs him that she’s bought a ticket and is moving to New York tonight. The cop wants her to stick around. She makes his life interesting. Brook Lynn asks if he’s told Willow he still loves her. Chase tells her that his ex is annulling her marriage. That makes Brook Lynn think telling her the truth is more urgent. She also guesses he didn’t really cheat. While he may have been making a noble gesture then, it’s time to be honest.

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Franco and Liz discuss his tumor at home General Hospital

At home, Franco breaks the news to Liz that his brain tumor is back and it’s inoperable. She refuses to accept this and thinks they need a second opinion. He says they need to be realistic. Franco doesn’t want to die, but he’s trying to avoid a fate worse than death. The artist is afraid of turning back into his evil self. He’s already losing chunks of time. She suggests that the tumor won’t necessarily make him act the way he did last time he had one. Franco begs her to promise to cut and run the second there’s any sign he’s losing control. Liz refuses to accept that will happen and is sure their love will see them through this.

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