Anna shoots Alex on GH
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At the Corinthos estate, Sonny urges Joss and Dev to go out and celebrate Joss’ birthday. The kids leave as Jason arrives with Julian. Ava follows shortly after and demands to know what is going on. Sonny knows Julian was on the docks the night Nelle kidnapped Wiley and he was with her. Ava tells Sonny that Julian loves Wiley and would never hurt him. Julian explains he found out Nelle was running and he went to stop her, and he was about to shoot her, but someone intervened. He reveals it was Taggart, who looked healthy for a dead guy. Julian offers not to tell Cyrus that Sonny is working with Taggart if he leaves him alone. Sonny orders him to see himself and his sister out. After Ava and Julian leave, Sonny and Jason both think Julian is up to his neck in something.

Ava defends Julian to Sonny on GH

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At the hospital, Trina convinces her mom to give her a new phone since she can’t find her old one. She does, and Trina heads off to meet Joss and Dev. Meanwhile, Chase arrives and Robert tells him that his brother is in cubicle one. In the cubicle, Finn tells Peter that Anna wanted to be his mother too much, and then codes. Peter calls for help, and Portia rushes in and begins doing compressions. When Chase bursts in, Peter forces him out so Portia can work. In the hall, Peter tells Chase all he knows. In Valentin’s room, Robert discovers him trying to leave the hospital and forces a nurse to put him back in bed and on oxygen. Valentin asks how Anna is, and Robert brings him up to speed on everything, including Anna going after Alex. Robert goes back to the waiting area where Portia reveals to Chase that Finn’s heart is unable to pump normally due to fluid surrounding the heart, so he needs surgery, and even then it will be touch-and-go.

Finn codes in the hospital on GH

On The Haunted Star, Alex and Anna exchange shots. Alex grabs Maxie for a human shield and ducks behind the bar. Anna suddenly tosses a glass to bring Alex out, and Anna shoots her in the arm. Alex isn’t out of the game and manages to slip away. Anna orders Maxie to sit tight in the restaurant while she goes after her sister. She follows a trail of blood out to the deck, as Alex sneaks up behind her, gun drawn. Meanwhile, Maxie, unable to get a signal, decides to go to the bridge for help. As she steps out on the deck, she’s able to warn Anna about Alex. Alex is distracted by Maxie, and Anna turns and shoots her sister, who goes down. Anna quickly yells for Maxie to get something to stop the bleeding. Alex tells Anna they both knew someone would die today, and Anna can’t save Peter as he is too much like her. Alex thought Anna would go back for him and raise him, but she didn’t and she has to live with that. Suddenly Alex rolls off the deck and into the ocean, stunning Anna and Maxie, who has returned with a blanket.

Alex uses Maxie as a shield on GH

At a foreign airport, Jackie gets a call from Robert informing her that Finn’s been shot. Jackie immediately calls Gregory and tells him to get to Port Charles as his sons need him.

Jackie learns Finn was shot on GH

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At Charlie’s, Dev and Joss wait for Trina, and Joss wishes Cam didn’t have soccer. Dev surprises Joss with a gift. It’s a new journal that is monogrammed, and she’s touched. He moves in to kiss her, but she stops him just as Trina arrives. Trina asks what she missed, and Joss says Dev gave her an awesome journal. Dev tells her not to pretend she likes it. Joss says she’s sorry she hurt his feelings, but she doesn’t like him that way. Dev lashes out at them, saying they are too foolish to see Cam doesn’t like either of them and is just using them for some kind of game. He storms out, and Joss follows. She can see he is upset and doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. He tells her even if she got together with Cam that she’d eventually dump him because nobody can live up to her precious Oscar. Joss goes back to Trina and tells her that Dev tried to kiss her and she stopped him. Neither of them believes what he said about Cam. Suddenly, Ava arrives and returns Trina’s phone. She’s thrilled to have the phone with the photos of her dad on it back. Ava steps outside and forces Julian to promise not to tell Cyrus about Taggart because Trina could be hurt again. He promises.

Dev gives Joss a gift on GH

Back at the hospital, Chase heads to the chapel to pray. In Valentin’s room, Martin arrives at Valentin’s call. Valentin has realized his Will is out of date and he needs to revisit the matter of custody given Lulu’s estranged ex-husband is back in the picture. He also plans to kill Alex before she can target him or his family. Robert enters and refuses to allow him to do that alone. As they go to depart, Anna appears with Maxie. Peter rushes over to hold Maxie, and Anna asks for answers about Finn. They fill her in. Maxie tells Peter everything that happened, including Anna shooting Alex, who is dead. Anna ends up joining Chase in the chapel.


On the next General Hospital: Maxie questions Peter about Alex and another possible connection he could have to her.

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