Alex pulls a gun on Finn on GH
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At The Floating Rib, Jason plays a game of pool with Britt and asks how she got hired by Cyrus. She said he made her an offer that was too good to pass up. Jason suspects something else drew her back home. In a booth, Lulu shares her and Jackie’s rough draft with Peter that alludes to Cyrus using General Hospital to move drug money. Peter can’t print the story without proof. He suggests she focus on the rising cases of overdoses at the hospital instead. Peter leaves, and Lulu approaches Jason and Britt and bickers with Britt until the doctor leaves. Lulu ponders an expose on Britt, but Jason warns her that would be a mistake. Jason believes Britt can be an in as to what is going on at the hospital.

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Sam stops by Alexis’ place to try and convince her mother to go to rehab. Alexis just wants to feel good and Sam needs to accept this. Sam won’t because when she’s drinking she’s a risk to her children. Alexis quips, “Sleeping with a hitman doesn’t make you the mother of the year!” Sam tells her mother if she doesn’t agree to get help now then she won’t let her around Scout and Danny again. Alexis refuses, and Sam sees that her mother has made her choice. Sam informs her that she’s going to tell Kristina and Molly the truth. She leaves, and Alexis goes back to her drinking.

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At the hospital, Julian learns from Ava that Ryan is still alive, but he’s still unconscious and lost a lot of blood. There is also a chance of brain damage. Julian remarks, “So they got the job done.” Ava wonders what he’s done. Julian admits he needed help and made a deal. She worries about what will happen when whoever he made a deal with wants to collect. Julian has another issue, and tells her about the man who jumped him the night he tried to stop Nelle and that he is still around. He gives Ava the phone Trina left behind and points to the background to identify the man. A stunned Ava tells Julian that this is Trina’s father, and worries he can connect Julian to Nelle. She ponders if Taggert told Sonny what he knows. Ava thinks Julian needs to run and disappear while he still can. Julian refuses.

At the Corinthos estate, Sonny gets a visit from Taggert. They chat, and Sonny admits he’s going to have to tell Carly that he’s alive. Taggert thinks that’s a bad idea as too many people are learning about him, including that bartender who tried to kill that blonde girl when he was shot. Sonny questions him about the bartender and learns it is Julian. Sonny shows him a photo of Nelle and asks if that is who Julian was going to shoot. Taggert confirms it. Sonny calls Jason and gives him a task. He tells Taggert that he should go because he’s going to have guests.

At Anna’s, Finn gets a call from Anna who warns him to get out of the house. Suddenly Alex, parading as Anna, arrives with Maxie. Maxie has offered to help with the wedding plans. Anna asks Finn what is going on. Finn lets Peter know that Maxie just walked in with his mother. Anna tells him that she’ll be right there.

At the warehouse, Anna warns Robert that Alex has Maxie at the house with Finn. She asks Robert to help her deal with Alex.

Back at Anna’s, Finn asks Alex to put some tea on for Maxie. She goes to the kitchen, and Finn warns Maxie that she has to go because that’s Alex, not Anna. Before Maxie can run, Alex returns and points a gun at Finn and Maxie. Alex tells Maxie that they are taking a little trip together. Finn lunges at Alex, they wrestle over the gun, and it goes off. Later, Anna and Robert arrive, guns drawn. They find Finn on the floor with a shot to his chest. He’s conscious, and Anna puts pressure on his wound. Finn warns them that Alex took Maxie to the harbor. Soon the paramedics arrive to take Finn to the hospital. Anna tells Finn to hang in and she slips out when Robert is putting out an APB on Alex.

Alex holds Maxie hostage on The Haunted Star. Alex arranges for a helicopter to pick them up. She comments they are going to have a lot of fun together as one big happy family with Peter. Maxie is confused and she wonders why she cares about her and Peter. She tells Maxie that Peter has a lot of secrets, and she wants to share a secret of her own. Suddenly the boat is rammed by something. Alex is knocked over and drops her gun, only to look up and see Anna pointing a gun at her.

Jason arrives at the hospital and tells Julian that Sonny wants to see him. Ava witnesses Julian being carted off and is sure Sonny knows.

Back at The Floating Rib, Lulu writes a story about Cyrus firings all the staff at General Hospital who have a connection to Sonny.

Finn is brought into the hospital and Britt tends to him. Peter arrives, having been called by Robert, and he goes in to see Finn in his cubicle and asks what has happened and if Maxie is hurt. Finn gasps, “Tell Anna…”

On the next General Hospital: Anna and Alex exchange fire.

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