Finn at the ice rink on General Hospital
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Liz catches Franco trying to sneak out of their house. She mentions his recent collapse and is glad it was nothing serious. He thinks about learning his tumor is back and then tells her how much their life together means to him. Once he’s gone, Terry and Epiphany arrive for drinks. Terry goes quiet when Liz talks about how hard Franco has been working to line up work. They drink wine and discuss Epiphany’s breakup with Milo. After her friends encourage her to move on, they toast to new beginnings.

Dante interrupts Lulu talking to a source at The Floating Rib General Hospital

Jason arrives at The Floating Rib. Robert calls him over to discuss Spinelli and the fallout that will come when they expose Peter. They confirm their desire to bust August even if it hurts Maxie. Robert complains about how much Spinelli has been messing up the plan. Later, Franco arrives to see Jason. He asks him to kill him. Jason wants to leave but Franco says this can be the do-over he always wanted. Franco explains that his tumor is back and inoperable. If he returns to his old behavior, he wants Jason to stop him for the sake of Liz and the boys. Jason agrees to do whatever it takes to protect them. In a corner, Lulu meets with a source to discuss Cyrus. He’d rather not talk in public and asks to go back to his place. Dante pops up and says she’s taken. Lulu says she doesn’t need a rescue and asks him to go. He takes seat a few feet away and the source walks out. This results in Dante and Lulu bickering. He insists that he only wants the best for her. They begin arguing about him leaving and she says that Rocco needs his father. Dante assures her that he isn’t going anywhere. She talks about how valuable Dustin has been to her. Her ex-husband assures her he’s not asking for any sacrifices and won’t stop looking out for her. After he walks off, she cries. In the alley, he gets a text reminding him to complete his mission.

Franco asks Jason to kill him on GH

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Curtis arrives at General Hospital after hearing his wife collapsed. Cyrus tells him what happened and assures him he had nothing to do with it. Portia backs that up and Cyrus asks to speak to her alone. He requests that Jordan get the VIP treatment. Curtis goes in to see his wife, who explains that her collapse was staged. Portia comes in and they explain this is all a cover to keep Cyrus away. As they plot their next move, Renault pokes his head in. They tell him Jordan is facing complications from her transplant and will need recovery time. After he walks out, Curtis tells his wife they are taking a red eye to visit the house where Renault has someone stashed.

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Alex tells Peter what he wants to hear at Charlie's General Hospital

Alex takes Peter and Maxie to Charlie’s Pub for dinner. She turns down calling Finn and tells them she just wants to treasure every moment they have together. After Maxie goes to the bathroom, Alex tells Peter they have come far and can’t leave anything unsaid. He’s moved to hear her say all the things he’s wanted to hear. She tells him that they are extraordinary and the rules for other people don’t apply to them. Maxie returns and Alex takes off. They’ve both noticed that Anna doesn’t seem her normal self.

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In the warehouse, Valentin and Anna are bound to a chair as the gas fills the room and the pressure cooker runs down. They bicker about killing Alex if they escape. Since he’s still drugged, he can hardly move his hands. She gets free and they hobble out together and stumble in the alley as the building blows up.

Finn tells Robert about Anna working with Valentin at Anna's General Hospital

Finn is at Anna’s. She’s not there so he calls, wondering where she is. He notices the envelope in the trash with the test results. The doctor calls Robert over and explains that Anna has had the results since yesterday and she hasn’t said anything. Scorpio gets concerned when Finn adds that Anna has been working with Valentin to lure Alex out. Robert gets a call about the explosion. Fin calls Liz to check on Violet and asks her to lock her door.

Robert arrives at the site of the explosion. Anna calls Finn and tells him to get out of the house just as Alex walks in.

On the next General Hospital: Robert arrives too late.

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