Portia and Cyrus bicker about Taggert at General Hospital
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Liz and Franco arrive at General Hospital. Cyrus approaches Portia by the stairs and asks how her daughter is healing from the loss of her father. They argue about Taggert. Renault claims he just wants her to be happy there, but she thinks he’s undermining her. Fed up, she walks to the elevator and he follows her. A few floors down, TJ runs into Jordan in the corridor. He needs help with Cyrus and wants the public to know what is happening to the hospital. He went to the PCPD to apply for protest permission, but they refused him. She admits that she was the one who made that call. He’s perplexed. She warns him to back off. As TJ argues about how important it is to get rid of Cyrus, he and Portia step off the elevator to overhear their argument. TJ admits he’s been planning a protest. Cyrus says he reminds him of his mother, but thinks TJ doesn’t understand management and should leave the board to deal with the business end of things. After he walks away in a huff, Portia asks Jordan if she’s protecting Cyrus. TJ is frustrated and walks off, leaving Portia to lecture Jordan. The cop says she is just trying to protect all of them. Portia claims she knows what this is really about. Meanwhile, Franco barges into Kevin’s office and tells him that his brain tumor is back. He’s less worried about dying than a shift in personality. Everything he is now could disappear. The doctor asks if he’s had any side effects. Franco isn’t sure but needs his support to keep an eye on things. Kevin encourages him to open up to the people who love him. Franco wonders if someone who hates him might be more useful.

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Sonny question Ava about Ryan at Corinthos compound General Hospital

At the Corinthos compound, Sonny calls one of his men to make sure Taggert is settled into the guest house. Ava arrives and he gives her some of their daughter’s artwork. He starts to quiz her about Ryan, who has asked him for a meeting. Jerome claims he is still fixated on her and looking for a way to make her squirm. He thinks he should face Ryan and end this game, but she says nothing good can come of it. Sonny says he’ll think it over.

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Valentin and Peter talk Helena at Charlie's General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Julian calls his sister, eager for an update about Ryan. Meanwhile, Peter sits down with Valentin across the room. He tells him about the call he got from Helena. Valentin says someone is just messing with him and guesses it’s likely Spinelli. Peter doubts it but his friend explains how it would work. August says Spinelli is going to regret this. Calming him down, Valentin warns that hurting him would mean Jason would come after him. After wishing him luck, he exits. Peter texts Spinelli to come over. When the Jackal arrives, Peter tells him that his whole future depends on Maxie and their child. Spinelli claims that he’s come to believe he is good for her. Peter bluntly calls him out about the fake call from Helena and tells him it’s time to back off. He threatens that this is the last chance he will get. Ava hurries in and tells her brother about her meeting with Sonny. He’s sure that he’s a dead man now. She suggests he take Nikolas up on his offer to help him disappear. They debate this and she decides to try and get to Ryan before Sonny does. After she exits, Cyrus walks in and Julian says he’s ready to make a deal with him.

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Sonny visits Ryan in Pentonville General Hospital

Sonny arrives at Pentonville to visit Ryan, who announces that he has some information that he could want.

Anna and Alex argue about Peter in basement General Hospital

At Anna’s place, she struggles in the basement as her sister mocks her. Alex tells her she’s planning to step into her role as Peter’s mom. Anna wants to know why she’s really there. Her sister admits that some people are gunning for her and the only way to hide is to take Anna’s place. Alex is sure Peter won’t know the difference. The doorbell rings so Alex gags her. She runs upstairs and Valentin rushes in to say that Alex could be there any moment. He reminds her that they were supposed to tell Peter the truth of his parentage before Alex arrives. As they argue about what to do, she slips and calls Peter her son. She tries to cover. He asks for some water. When she walks out, he searches. Anna calls for help from the basement. Before he can open the door, Alex runs at him and stabs him in the neck.

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