General Hospital voting special
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At the Corinthos’ estate, Bobbie and Carly wish Joss a happy eighteenth birthday and are excited she finally is able to vote. They are shocked when Joss says she’ll vote if she has time. Joss wonders if her one vote really matters. Bobbie tells Joss that her great-great-grandmother Beatrice Eckert was a suffragist who played a vital point in securing and keeping the vote for women. Joss promises to find the time to vote.

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At Ava’s gallery, Trina runs into her mother, who helped the historic society pull together a display on the women’s suffragist movement. Meanwhile, Monica tells Lucy that the display is fine, but Lucy insists on having real and historically accurate candles and not fake flickering ones and puts one out. Joss arrives and Trina wishes her a happy birthday. Trina shows Joss a photo of Beatrice in one of the historic photos, and she looks just like Carly. They step into a mock-up of an old voting booth and pull a lever as Lucy lights a candle.

Joss and Trina find themselves back in time, and in old clothes. Beatrice approaches them and asks them if they are lost. Joss asks where they are, and Beatrice tells them Wellington Square in Port Charles. They notice the date on a poster is November 2, 1920, and are stunned. Portia, who is Doctor Johnson, arrives and Beatrice asks her to examine these young ladies who seem a bit disoriented. The doctor sees that their pulses are elevated, but nothing out of the ordinary. Trina worries to Joss that if they aren’t careful they could screw up the future.

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Trina asks the doctor if she’s excited to be voting for the first time. Dr. Johnson says this is her third election, and New York gave them the right to vote in 1917. She has to get to the women’s polling station, as they have a different station from the men. Anna, who is playing Alice, arrives to celebrate with her American friends and help open the polling center. Suddenly Liz and Jordan’s characters arrive and announce there is a problem and no women will be voting today.

The women’s polling place has been locked, and Britt, playing Bertha Halifax, is the one who closed the polling place because the location was behind on their mortgage. Joss and Trina worry because history tells them these women voted today. Ava, who is playing Ada Hook, arrives and thinks this is good news and now they can put these silly women’s rights issues to rest. She accuses them all of demeaning good women everywhere. Beatrice tells her not to punish them for the fact that she’s stuck in a loveless marriage and shoves Ada to the ground. Ada warns her she’ll regret that. Beatrice ends up in jail, locked up by Obrecht who is the warden.

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Back in the square, Alexis, playing Lexie who is the local leader of the Christian temperance movement, finds Joss and Trina in the square and they tell her about Beatrice’s trouble. Lexie thinks she can help and leads them to meet assembly women Mary Butler, who Monica is playing. Trina and Joss fill her in on what has happened. Mary is friends with the commissioner and heads to speak to him. Later in the jail, Joss tells Beatrice she’s being sprung. Ada shows up and Trina can’t believe a strong woman like her is willing to throw away her right to vote.

In jail, Beatrice is released and tells Joss that they need to get to the polling center. Ada and Trina approach and Ada tells Beatrice that Trina helped her realize other things are more important than petty squabbles. At the voting center, Bertha posts a notice that the polling place is closed and to go home. Beatrice gets on a wooden crate to speak to the ladies who have gathered about the importance of women voting for the next president. Ada arrives as Beatrice speaks, and Jordan’s character grabs a hammer and breaks the lock to let the women into the polling place. Trina is glad to see Ada there, and Ada decides she is going to vote. Joss meanwhile tells Beatrice that she now understands how important voting is.

Later, Obrecht’s character exercises her right to vote, and warns Joss and Trina they better hope they never end up in her jail. Joss and Trina think they should have returned home, but then realize it was a voting booth that landed them here. Trina and Joss manage to slip into a booth and throw the lever, which returns them to their time.

Back in the present, Lucy realizes she put out the wrong candle, one marked time. She asks Joss and Trina if they are okay, and tells them that this candle is very special, and it opens up one’s inner eye. The girls think they must have had some psychedelic trip thanks to Lucy’s candle. They then head off to vote.

At the polling place, the women of Port Charles gather to vote, and everyone applauds Trina and Joss for being first-time voters.

Back at the gallery, Trina and Joss now appear in the historic photo of the women suffragists.

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