Peter gets a call from Helena on GH
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In the hospital, Franco has a nightmare of laying in bed next to a cymbal playing monkey on the bed stand, and in one hand is a bloody knife, in the other, a spray paint can. He stirs awake as Liz and Cameron arrive to visit. Franco insists he is fine and was just dehydrated. Liz goes to get his discharge paperwork started. Cam opens up about Trina and Joss to Franco, who urges him to go to the party and have fun. At the nurses’ station, Portia receives the test results Anna is waiting for and decides to messenger them to her. Later, Ava stops by to check on Franco, but he isn’t up to a visit from her after her games. She admits to pushing Nikolas and Liz towards one another but confronts him for working with Scott to blackmail her but also Nikolas. She begs for the proof he has that Nikolas cheated because she needs it to get a divorce and save someone’s life. He asks whose life? She can’t tell him, and he tells her that he’s tired of being her pawn and that she and Nikolas deserve one another.

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In the Metro Court restaurant, Cyrus approaches Carly and asks for a table for two. Sasha enters and Cyrus indicates she is his dining partner. Cyrus and Sasha seat themselves. Elsewhere, Spinelli meets with Sonny and seeks advice on dealing with someone who is you know is making a huge mistake, but you are helpless to do anything. Sonny suggests he may be helpless but others aren’t. Later Spinelli runs into Valentin, who could use his hacking abilities. Spinelli mumbles he’d no sooner work for him than support Maxie marrying … he cuts himself off but has already put his foot in his mouth.

At Anna’s place, Anna surprises Maxie with a new bag for her birthday, while Finn asks Peter to be a groomsman. Later, Peter and Maxie take off, and Finn gets called back to the hospital so he can’t go trick-or-treating with Violet and Chase, leaving Anna stuck with candy duty alone. Anna has two costumes, one black, and one white, and asks his opinion. Finn tells her that he likes the white one and departs. Anna puts on a white witch’s outfit, and Valentin drops by to tell her that Peter has a Spinelli problem, and where Spinelli goes so does Jason. She assures him that she and Jason have an understanding and they don’t have to worry about it. Anna then receives a delivery, the test results she’s been waiting for.

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Nikolas arrives at Charlie’s and confronts Julian. Nikolas deduces that Nelle left her leverage against him to Ryan, and now Ryan’s using it to get to Ava. He offers to set Julian up with a new life, but Julian refuses. Trina, dressed as Princess Leia, and Joss, who is dressed as a cheerleader arrive and grab a table, while someone in a Darth Vader outfit lurks outside the window. Cam, dressed as a sailor, and Dev, as Dracula, finally arrive. Joss snidely comments to Cam that she knows he’s really busy and wonders if helping Trina with clearing his dad’s name is too much of a commitment for him. This leads to them bickering. Trina suggests they forget the planning and head to the party. Outside, Julian runs into Ava and updates her on the visit from her husband. However, she thinks she can use the fake divorce papers he made to convince Ryan that they divorced. She takes off and Julian heads back in. As the kids and Trina go to leave, she notices the man in the Darth Vader costume at the bar. Trina asks Cam to take a photo with her fellow Star Wars fan, and then they head out to the party. After they leave, Darth Vader notices Trina left her phone behind and he looks at the photo of her with Taggert which is her background. Julian confronts him and takes the phone and warns him to get out. They get into a tussle and Julian unmasks Vader, who is Taggert.

Back at the Metro Court, Peter and Maxie celebrate her birthday, and their dinner is crashed by Spinelli. Spinelli gave Maxie a Dungeons & Dragons starter set, and hopes they can all make it a family game night with Georgie. She appreciates the attempt to get along and leaves to powder her nose. Peter hopes Spinelli’s offer is on the up and up. Later after Maxie has returned, Peter gets a call and a woman says, “Hello Peter, it’s your old friend Helena.” At their table, Cyrus tells Sasha he wants to be her friend and believes their friendship could be mutually beneficial. Later, Sasha decides she needs to get going. As she heads to the elevator, a man hands her an envelope and says she dropped it. Inside is a packet of cocaine. Meanwhile, Sonny joins Carly at the bar, and she is seething about Sasha hanging out with Cyrus. Carly is worried about Sasha, and she thinks she’s on drugs.

Back at the hospital, Nikolas finds Liz to talk about Ava because he feels she’s the only one he can trust. Liz blurts out that he can’t. At the nurses’ station, Portia looks at Franco’s CT scan and calls Terry for an oncology consult.

In Pentonville, Ava visits with Ryan.

On the next General Hospital: Anna lashes out after reading the results.

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