Ava accidentally stabs Nikolas at Wyndemere General Hospital
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Ava is on the parapet of Wyndemere with the rose Nikolas left her. The prince approaches and she holds a knife behind her back as she asks why he lured her out there. He tries to convince her he doesn’t want her dead. She’s sure he still wants Liz. He insists that he and the nurse only share history. They bicker about his feelings. She wants actions, not hot air. Nikolas agrees to the divorce. When they go inside, he hands her the paperwork and explains she can have all the material things she wants, or she can have him. He admits this was a gamble to make her admit to her feelings. Ava blurts out that she has feelings for him, but people might pay for it. As he prods her to sign the document, she turns and accidentally stabs him. She pulls the knife out and they kiss as he bleeds. After they have sex, he bandages up and admits that the divorce papers were fake. She slaps him and walks out.

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Willow and Liz talk marriage at General Hospital

Epiphany corners Franco at General Hospital and lays into him for taking the last chocolate bar from the vending machine. She begins ranting about how much she wants her job back. Cyrus appears, saying she won’t get it with that attitude and asks them to his office to discuss how to improve things. Franco says they need to go to karaoke night and asks him along. After Renault walks off, Franco swallows the chocolate bar and Epiphany tells him he better run. Meanwhile, Liz runs into Willow, who tells her that she is applying to the nurse training program. Willow awkwardly explains that she and Michael are getting an annulment. Liz says that sometimes the most unlikely marriages are the ones to last and they go on about how great Michael is.

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Carly questions Sasha in Nina's bathroom General Hospital

Nina and Sasha walk in on Jax and Carly hugging with wine at her place. This is awkward. Sasha wants to escape but Nina insists she stay. Sasha heads into the bathroom. Carly soon follows, knocking on the door while Sasha snorts a line. When Carly barges in, she starts questioning her. She can see how much the model is hurting for the sacrifices she’s made and thinks Michael should know. Sasha refuses and says Carly shouldn’t interfere. Meanwhile, Jax assures Nina that Carly wasn’t plotting to knock down Nelle’s headstone. Nina claims she understands his relationship with his ex. When Sasha comes out, she thanks Nina for everything and rushes out, calling her dealer in the hall.

Cyrus surprises Franco at The Floating Rib General Hospital

Chase joins Brook Lynn at The Floating Rib. She assures him she will be out of his hair soon. The cop starts joking about his underwear drawer. They bicker. He apologizes. She hopes he’s not kicking her into the street and he promises he’s not. Smiling, she tells him she’s doing karaoke tonight. Franco, Liz and Epiphany arrive. The nurses sit down and Liz gets her friend to open up. Epiphany admits that she and Milo are breaking up. They haven’t seen each other in months because he’s been working and traveling. They’ve grown apart and she doesn’t want any fuss. Brook Lynn gets up on stage and tries to sing but can’t, gets off the stage embarrassed and runs outside. Chase follows her into the alley. Sobbing, she says her life has no purpose. Back inside at the bar, Cyrus startles Franco and offers to pay for a round. As they start going through the song book, Epiphany gets up and sings. Everyone claps. Franco tries to convince Cyrus to sing but he gets a text and has to go. Out in the alley, Cyrus finds Sasha crying and offers to help. Back inside, Epiphany and Franco chat until he suddenly blurts out ‘doorknob’ and collapses.

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Dante questions Michael about Willow at the gym General Hospital

Michael is working out at the gym and thinking about Willow when Dante interrupts. Michael admits that he’d like to make a life with Willow but doesn’t want her to stay out of obligation. His brother says he’s an idiot for thinking he’s setting her ‘free’ when he should just ask her what she wants. Willow interrupts briefly on the way to her class. Later, Willow corners Michael and asks him what advice his brother gave him. He admits Dante said they should stay together. When he goes to the showers, he imagines Willow surprising him. At the same moment, she has the same fantasy. After they have both finished their showers, they leave together.

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