Finn Jackie affair on GH
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Carly stops by Nina’s new penthouse, which she bought from Ava, with a bottle of wine to apologize. She’s surprised to find Jax there. He explains Nina is in a meeting. Carly suggests they open the wine while she explains everything that’s going on with her. As they drink, she tells him that she’s been having nightmares about Nelle, which she thinks are some kind of warning. She feels something important happened that night that she’s forgotten.

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At the Metro Court, a very happy Sasha orders a drink from the bar, and Valentin sees she’s had too many drinks and suggests he see her back to her room. Chase intervenes and tells him to back off. Valentin explains that he’s misread the situation and leaves Sasha in his hands. Sasha tells Chase she is perfectly fine, but he tells her to stop lying and he can see she is hurting. She lashes out that she only wants to forget the happiness they gave up by having one too many drinks. She swears she is fine and doesn’t need a babysitter. At a table, Nina meets with Curtis, who has discovered there are six different Phyllis Caulfields who worked as nurses and could be her nurse. He warns her this will be a costly investigation, and an eavesdropping Valentin offers to pay for it. Nina asks Curtis for a moment alone with Valentin, so he steps away. Nina refuses his money and reminds him she’s moved on and is happy with Jax. Valentin asks her what about the fact that Carly always comes first with Jax. Back at the bar, the bartender suggests Sasha go elsewhere, and she becomes upset. She grabs her purse to leave and knocks all the glasses off the bar. The contents of her purse spill, and Curtis attempts to help her and notices the cocaine packet. Valentin and Nina rush to check on what happened, and Curtis warns Nina that Sasha is high as a kite. Nina decides to see Sasha back to her room, and Valentin offers to pay for the damages. Sasha tells Nina that she can make it to her room herself, but Nina knows she is high and doesn’t want her alone when she comes down.

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Finn stops by to see Jackie in her Metro Court room to discuss the tension between them. They rehash how they met when she shadowed him for a story on residents and discuss how close they got, even when she started to date his father. Finn confronts her on the fact that they slept together the night before she married his father. Both admitted they had feelings for one another they were trying to deny for Gregory’s sake. She told him the night before that she would have called it off if he could admit his feelings for her, and he kissed her, which she took as an admission. Then the next morning he told her to forget what happened and left, so she married his father. She thinks Chase is the innocent bystander in all this, who just wants a family. Suddenly, Chase shows up at the door and reminds his mom that they were supposed to meet in the bar. Chase asks about Finn’s presence. Finn explains he came to try and mend fences, and he would like to have that family dinner. A thrilled Chase hugs his brother.

In Kevin’s lab, Anna tells Kevin that she thinks it is possible that Peter could be Alex’s son, and tells him her theory about the rheumatoid arthritis markers. She wants to test Faison’s brain, but he can’t release the remains to her without Peter’s consent, which he assumes she knew and is why she broke in. However, it just happens that he’s scheduled a whole round of tests on Faison’s remains for genetic markers of auto-immune diseases, including RA.

At the Floating Rib, as Dante chats with Lulu, Dustin arrives to celebrate Maxie’s engagement and didn’t know Dante would be there. Dante explains he just stopped by to have a beer. Dustin suggests now that he’s there they get to know one another. Dante decides to pass and heads to the bar. He runs into Peter and apologizes to him for how he reacted to his and Maxie’s engagement. They chat, and Peter asks what he will do for a job. Dante is thinking of getting into security work. Peter thinks he knows a job for him. Meanwhile, Dustin tells Maxie that he is moving in with Lulu. She is happy for them but wonders why she’s just hearing about this. She excuses herself to check in with James’ sitter. Dustin confronts Lulu and asks if she’s changed her mind about him moving in. She wants him to move in, but Dante’s return complicates things, though it doesn’t change the fact that she loves him. Later, Peter and Maxie sit with Dustin and Lulu, and Peter reveals he’s hired Dante as private security at the paper. Elsewhere, Dante texts someone that he’s infiltrated Peter’s business.

Back at Nina’s, she arrives with Sasha to find Carly hugging Jax and thanking him.

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