Carly visits Nelle's Grave on GH
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Julian receives a postcard from Ryan and leaves a message with Ava about it. Sam enters and tells Julian that Alexis is drinking again. He offers to do whatever he can to help. Cyrus waltzes in, and once again pushes Julian to sell Charlie’s. Sam departs when she gets a text from Molly, and Julian continues to refuse to sell to Cyrus. He reminds Julian he provided him with an alibi in Martin Gray’s attack, and two people can only keep a secret if one is dead. Sam returns as Cyrus leaves. She lashes out at Julian for cozying up to Cyrus, and tells him not to bother trying to help her mother.

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Alexis gets to drinking at the Metro Court bar. In the restaurant, Curtis, with Jordan at his side, asks Jax if it was his decision or Nina’s to keep searching for her child. Jordan excuses herself and Curtis and Jax head out to the patio to talk. Jax assures Curtis that he is only supporting Nina in her search, which is her doing. Back at the bar, Britt finds Alexis drunk and asks if there is someone she can call for her. She says a dating service because her last boyfriend died, and she needs a new one. Jordan interrupts to speak with Britt, and they go off to talk in private. Jordan thought they should talk about how General Hospital and the PCPD could help one another, especially in fighting drug abuse. Britt says her boss Cyrus brought up the subject as well, and he is also passionate about breaking the cycle of addiction. At the bar, Jax is surprised to find Alexis drinking. She tells him that Sam already knows so he doesn’t need to sound the alarm. She invites him to join her, but he declines and meets with Britt, who finishes up speaking to Jordan. Britt hits Jax up for money to develop a new research program to restore General Hospital’s reputation and finances. Jax tells her his bank is closed because he won’t do business with people like Cyrus. Later, Britt calls Cyrus and tells him the meeting with Jax didn’t go so well.

At the Corinthos estate, Joss tells Dev that she and Cam kissed at the dance, and since then he’s been avoiding her calls and texts. Dev thinks that Cam is sending her a pretty clear message and he’s probably not that into her.

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At Kelly’s, Trina tells Cam, who is working, that they haven’t hung out in a while and asks what is going on with him. Cam recalls Dev reading a fake diary entry in Joss’ journal about their kiss and tells Trina he’s just been busy. Trina reminds him that he agreed to help her clear her dad’s name. When Trina brings up Joss and Dev also agreeing to help her, Cam admits he may have screwed things up. Cam comes cleans with Trina that he has feelings for both her and Joss. Trina understands and says she also has conflicting feelings about the two of them while being hopeful for him and Joss. Trina and Cam both say they have thought a lot about their kiss and how to feel about it. Trina surprises Cam by pulling him into another one. After she declares it is obvious, they are only meant to be friends. He’s glad she’s got her feelings cleared up, but there is still the problem of him and Joss. He just wants things to go back to normal and to have fun. He’s declares going to take a break from relationship drama.

Carly turns up at Nelle’s burial, surprising Nina. Nina wonders why she’s there and why she can’t let Nelle go. Carly doesn’t know. They argue over whether Nelle could have been saved, and Nina reminds Carly that Nelle is dead and she won. Nina leaves, and Carly realizes Nina is right and for some reason, she can’t let Nelle go. As she kneels on the grave, a hand bursts from the ground and grabs Carly’s wrist. She screams “Let me go!” as she pulls away and knocks over the headstone, only to see she imagined it. Nina runs back and is appalled to see the headstone knocked over. Nina calls Jax and suggests he come to the cemetery because Carly is having a moment. Later, Jax arrives, and Nina leaves them to talk. Jax asks what is going on with her, but Carly says it’s nothing that needs to be discussed.

Trina stops by to see Joss at home. She tells her that she just talked to Cam, who claims to be taking a break from relationship drama and focusing on having fun for their senior year.

Dev checks in with Cam at Kelly’s. Cam makes Dev promise not to say anything to Joss that they know what she wrote in her diary about him.

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