Carly and Jason try to remember in the Corinthos kitchen General Hospital
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In her bed, Carly has a nightmare about Nelle returning to reclaim her kidney from Joss. She goes downstairs and complains to Jason about her sleeping problems. Carly is sure that Nina is burying Nelle for self-serving reasons. Jason doesn’t see why she cares so much about Nina and wonders why Nelle is still bothering her. She says Nelle may not be haunting her, but it still feels like she’s not done with her. It’s like there is something she’s supposed to remember but can’t. Later, Sonny arrives after going over Mike’s will with Diane. Mike left him a racehorse. Sonny says he needs to let his dad go and focus on the present. They turn to discuss Cyrus. Sonny is determined to take him out if it comes to that.

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Nikolas and Ava discuss their feelings at Wyndemere General Hospital

When Nikolas arrives at Wyndemere, he tells Ava he needs to confess. They bicker about this and he blurts out that he has inconvenient feelings for her now that he’s gotten to know her. He admits that he’s fallen for her, even though he’s tried to talk himself out of it. The prince asks if things have changed for her too. She flashes back to finding his ripped up check and then tells him his declaration sounds convenient and fake. He claims he’s making himself vulnerable and she brings up Elizabeth, accusing him of continually groveling for the nurse. Nikolas insists that Liz was a daydream and she’s the past. When he asks if she shares his feelings, she refuses to answer. He asks for an opportunity to prove his feelings. Ava asks for a divorce.

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Michael interrupts Chase and Willow at the Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Chase tells Willow that he’s glad she’s happy with Michael. She wants to explain that they’ve decided on an annulment, but he stops her and insists he’s no longer part of her life. Michael interrupts and Chase tells them about Brook Lynn sleeping with Valentin. The topic turns to Nelle’s burial. None of them plan to attend the service, aside from Chase. The cop exits. She tells her husband it doesn’t matter if Chase wants her back or not because she can’t imagine getting over his betrayal. When she says it’s over with the cop, Michael touches her hand and asks her to learn about wine with him. She would love that, but this is making the annulment harder. Meanwhile, Jax spies on Nina and Valentin bickering about him sleeping with someone else. She admits that she’s not indifferent to him but she’s moving on. He tells her to let him do the same. Valentin suggests that she is only Jax’s ‘plus one’ and Jasper will always privilege Carly over her. They talk about Charlotte and keeping Nina in her life. As they bicker about Brook Lynn and Nelle, Jax intrudes and mentions the burial. Valentin can’t understand why she is doing this and reminds her about their horrible mothers. Nina declares this none of their business and storms out. Jax admits to Valentin that he agrees with him where Nelle is concerned. Valentin warns him that he better be sure Nina’s child is really out there if he continues to support her search. When Jax claims he has no sway on her choices, Valentin wonders if he feels the same about Carly. He’s sure that Jasper will never be over his ex. When Valentin asks if they share secrets Nina can never know, Jax remembers helping her cover concerning Nelle’s death.

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Nina visits Nelle's grave General Hospital

Chase strolls into the graveyard as the clergyman ends the service for Nelle. Nina is by the grave. Once she and the cop are left alone, she thanks him for coming. He claims he’s there to acknowledge her role in his life. She thinks Nelle could have accomplished a lot if someone had looked out for her. The detective says lots of people tried and it didn’t matter. Nina can’t accept that. In the end, she can only bury her and hope she rests in peace. When she’s left alone, she wishes things could have been different for Nelle. Carly suddenly appears and startles her.

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