Ava suspects Nikolas of blackmail on GH
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In the Quartermaine living room, Monica wonders to Ned what is to keep BLQ from telling Olivia the truth. Olivia enters and asks, “Tell me what?” Ned covers claiming they were discussing his mistakes with Brook Lynn. Olivia plans to reach out to her and when the time is right, they’ll sit down together and get everything out in the open. In the foyer, Michael ends a call with Diane and Willow asks if there is a problem. Michael says Diane feels they are making a mistake with the annulment and they should stay together. They both agree they are good together, but they also deserve to have love. Michael has a meeting scheduled with Sam and offers to take Willow to breakfast at the Metro Court.

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In Valentin’s Metro Court room, Valentin tells a freshly showered Brook Lynn that he hopes she doesn’t regret last night because he doesn’t. Neither does she, but it won’t happen again. She’s learned the hard way not to get involved with someone who is head over heels in love with someone else. Valentin admits he had love before Nina, and he never stopped loving that person either. She suggests he reach out to them because Nina seems happy with Jax. He says right now he’s hungry and asks her to breakfast in the restaurant. In the Metro Court restaurant, Chase leaves a frantic message for Brook Lynn, who didn’t come home last night. He then runs into Sam and has some questions for her about Jason’s bike. She suggests he ask Jason himself. Elsewhere, Nina and Jax have breakfast. Michael and Willow arrive, and she sits at the bar while Michael meets with Sam. At his table, Jax sees them and excuses himself for his meeting. Jax, Sam, and Michael step out to the private balcony, and Sam proposes he become the new CEO and run her half of Aurora Media. Michael accepts the job. Jax heads back into the restaurant, and Sam apologizes for her part in his family losing ELQ. Michael tells her she made the right choice for her family, and he realizes now how precious family is. Back in the restaurant, Nina tells Chase that Nelle is being buried today and she thought he may want to be there. Chase has no intention of attending. Suddenly they see BLQ and Valentin enter looking very chummy. Chase confronts her and is upset she never called him back, but she tells him she was busy and glances at Valentin. Nina laughs that she’s just playing Chase, and nothing happened. Brook Lynn alerts Nina she’s wrong. Brook Lynn recalls she left her songwriting bag at her family’s house and decides to skip breakfast and get it. Nina lashes out at Valentin for taking advantage of BLQ. He in turn accuses her of being jealous and thinks perhaps she’s not as over him as she claims to be just as Jax returns. At the bar, Chase spots Willow and tells her that he’s happy she’s adopting Wiley, and he hopes Michael does better by her than he did. Willow tells him that she needs to tell him something about her and Michael.

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At Charlie’s, Ava confides in Julian about Scott blackmailing her, and that she suspects Franco and Liz conspired with Scott to set her up. She also knows Scott was blackmailing Nikolas, who likely did something with Liz. She thinks this may be what she needs to get Nikolas’ money. Julian asks her to stop, to just walk away because she has plenty of money of her own. Ava snaps Nikolas is her husband and she will choose when she walks away from him.

At the hospital, Nikolas approaches Liz to apologize to her and admits to trying to manipulate Franco and Ava into having an affair. Liz accepts his apology and says she’s just sorry he’s so unhappy with Ava that he resorted to these actions. Nikolas opens up that his marriage to Ava is more complicated than he thought, and he’s starting to see a kinder, softer side to her.

Olivia, Monica and Ned continue to argue about Brook Lynn when she stops by the mansion to pick up her songwriting bag. Brook Lynn and Ned go into the living room to talk privately. Both apologize for hurting one another and neither wants to keep fighting. When Ned says Valentin took advantage of her, Brook Lynn insists he didn’t, that he isn’t a monster, and she admits to spending the night with him. Ned loses his top and thinks she did this to hurt him, and Valentin is manipulating her. Brook Lynn cries that she had been happy all day until she talked to him. BLQ grabs her bag and storms out.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas finds Ava waiting for him. They both have something they want to discuss.

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