Valentin drinks with Brook Lynn at Charlie's Pub General Hospital
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Dante tosses and turns in his bed as he dreams of shooting Lulu and then wakes up. He takes some pills.

Lulu goes to Charlie’s Pub and Dustin arrives. He’s been worried since he left her alone with an ex-husband she clearly loves. If she needs to give things with Dante another chance, he’s willing to let her go. She tells him not to make things easier for her. Lulu wants him to stay in her life as they’d planned. At the bar, Brook Lynn apologizes for being so judgmental to Valentin. He may be manipulative, but at least he’s not a hypocrite like her dad. They start trashing Lulu. He admits that he nearly gave her full custody of Charlotte to protect her. They talk about Brook Lynn’s relationship with her father. Valentin is sure she’ll never admit to being wrong and go back to the Quartermaines. She strokes his tie and pulls him into a kiss.

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Chase asks Brando about the investigation at gym General Hospital

At the gym, Chase calls Brook Lynn and assures her she can stay on his couch as long as she wants. He crosses the room and asks Brando why he’s no longer a person of interest in Jason’s crash. Brando isn’t helpful. The cop leaves and Brando starts training. Cyrus shows up and asks him to be his bodyguard. Brando asks how many people want him dead and then takes the job.

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Nina asks Curtis to find someone at PCPD General Hospital

At the Port Charles Police Department, Nina watches Carly and Jax together and thinks of Valentin warning her that Jasper would always put his ex first. Carly apologizes to Jax for dragging him into this. She exits. Jordan takes Jax off to sign paperwork and Curtis checks in with Nina. She asks him to track down Phyllis because she may have information on her child. He meets with Jordan and worries to her about Nina’s request. Chase interrupts and wants to reopen the Brando investigation, but his boss declares it closed. He heads to his desk and starts digging while she worries to Curtis that Chase might be on to her. They discuss the mysterious old case Cyrus has asked her to dig into. Meanwhile, Chase gets a call from the gym saying he left his wallet behind.

When Chase arrives in the gym, he sees Cyrus and Brando shaking hands.

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Michael and Willow discuss their future at Quartermaine house General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Willow reassures Michael that she wanted to marry him. Even with Nelle out of the picture, he enjoys being around her and listening to her advice. She’s everything he ever could have wanted, but they deserve love, not just companionship. He reminds her that she’s in love with Chase and she could have that again. It will only get harder to end this if they don’t do it now. Later, Dante shows up. The brothers catch up. Dante is grateful he was there with Sonny and Mike at the end. He compliments Willow on making Michael so obviously happy. She tells him it has been wonderful, and she will miss it. They are ending their marriage. Dante is surprised since they seem genuinely compatible with each other but what does he know. He warns that annulments can take a long time. Michael says they aren’t in a hurry.

Sam asks Sonny for help at Metro Court General Hospital

Sonny meets Sam at the Metro Court. She tells him Alexis is drinking again. He assures her that her mom will come around. He heads over to the bar and joins Diane, who vents about what a difficult client Carly is. The detective thinks Carly shoved Nelle off a cliff. There’s no material evidence but Carly could still mess things up. As long as she can keep her mouth shut, she should be fine. Carly walks in and takes Sam aside to vent until they are interrupted by Nina and Jax. Sam and Jax head to one table and Nina and Carly to another. Nina announces that she has decided to give Nelle a proper burial. She bought her a plot at Woodlawn, across the cemetery from Mike and Morgan. Livid, Carly accuses Nina of making this all about herself. She tells her to get a shrink, not waste time polishing Nelle’s reputation, and storms off. Meanwhile, Sam tells Jax she’s still not willing to go back to work at Aurora and won’t sell. She asks if he wants to run the whole company. He heads over to Nina and says he agrees with Carly that her care for Nelle is misplaced. Before she leaves, Sam calls Michael and asks if he can meet tomorrow.

On the next General Hospital: Sam looks for help with Aurora.

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