Jason tries to reassure Carly at home General Hospital
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Jason arrives at the Corinthos compound. Carly worries to him about the detective from Pennsylvania wanting to question her about Nelle. He goes in to see Brando and Sonny. Brando explains that Cyrus asked him to be his bodyguard. They talk over how to convince Cyrus that Brando is on his side. Sonny explains that Cyrus has been cultivating Julian too, but he’ll make sure the Jerome turns him down. Later, Carly and Jason talk. He’s worried about her and she goes over the night that Nelle fell. Jason says it was for the best. Out on the terrace, Joss thinks about kissing Cam until Dev interrupts. He asks her out to the lake to watch the stars. When she suggests texting Cam and Trina, he claims she’s crowding them. She decides she’s in the mood to go jogging instead. After she gets back from that, her mom comes out to see her. Joss tells her about kissing Cam and worries that it was an accident. When Carly goes back inside, Jason reassures her that Diane can protect her from anything the cops do.

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Sonny tells Julian he has no options at Charlie's Pub General Hospital

Ava is talking to Julian in Charlie’s Pub about her plan to deal with Ryan. She’s starting to think Nikolas has begun caring about her and they can use that. Later, Sonny drops by. Julian pays his condolences for Mike. Sonny tells him it would be in his best interest to have his name associated with the pub. Julian says he’s not selling to Cyrus and he’s not selling Corinthos coffee either. Sonny says he doesn’t have the luxury to turn him down and his patience is wearing thin.

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Nikolas makes an ultimatum in an alley General Hospital

Nikolas meets with Scott in an alley. The lawyer hands over a drive with the photos and the prince gives him a check. He threatens to go to the cops if he has to hear about this again.

At General Hospital, Franco tells Liz that Scott is meeting with Nikolas. The nurse wishes she’d never gone along with this blackmail scheme. They debate this. Franco can live with it but she’s less certain. Bloody Cam wanders in. He cut himself at work. She rushes off to get a doctor and Franco takes him down to an exam room. Cam sheepishly admits that he’s been distracted since he kissed Joss. He’s confused because he likes her and Trina. Cam is treated and takes off. Liz joins her husband and Scott comes in with the check. The lawyer leaves to meet Ava down the hall. She hands him her check and warns him not to come back for more. He returns to Franco and Liz with the check. They tear up both checks and drop them on the floor. He picks up the pieces and runs after them, but the scrap with Nikolas’ name on it is left behind. Ava finds it. Meanwhile, Cam meets with Dev, who shows him an entry in Joss’ diary complaining about the kiss. Cam gets upset and walks away as Dev remembers forging this entry.

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At home, Alexis sees a call coming in from Ned. She hangs up and starts drinking. Eventually, Nikolas arrives, looking for help. He explains that he’s in a mess. His relationship with Ava has become more complicated than he anticipated. He no longer dreads her and doesn’t want a divorce. Alexis is confused, but she’s all for it if Ava makes him happy. After he takes off, she starts drinking again.

At the Quartermaine estate, Ned leaves a concerned message for Alexis. Brook Lynn arrives. Monica called her over and announces it is time for them to make-up. Ned admits that he overreacted. His daughter says he acts like the company is more important than her. She explains the deal she made with Valentin and that she thought he could make the company more profitable. Ned says he was wrong to kick her out. He thinks she should have known better but has learned her lesson and should always put the family first. Monica says he sounds just like Edward. Ned tells her she needs to take responsibility for her actions. This outrages her and she storms out. Monica and Ned bicker about his marriage. He admits that he cheated on Olivia with Alexis. Brook Lynn is standing by the door and overhears this.

On the next General Hospital: Carly is called into the PCPD.

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