Anna has a plan on GH
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At the Corinthos estate, Carly and Sonny go through a box of Mike’s papers. Carly finds photos of a young Sonny, which Sonny doesn’t remember taking. Sonny begins to worry if he will come down with Alzheimer’s too. He knows there is a test that can be done, and knowing his status may help his kids decide if they want to know theirs. When he mentions Dante, Carly reminds him that Dante isn’t speaking to him. Sonny reveals Dante is home. Carly still feels the tests aren’t one hundred percent predictive, and she doesn’t want to see him torture himself over something he doesn’t have to. Sonny says if he ends up slipping like his father, he wants Carly to promise to tell him. She will, and she’ll stay by his side.

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At The Floating Rib, Brando talks with Cyrus over the phone, and Cyrus wants to meet with him. At a table, Peter speaks with Jackie about working for him. Jackie expresses her doubts about working for a man with his reputation, but eventually agrees to take the job. At the bar, Maxie confronts Robert about upsetting Mac and tells Robert to stop worrying and be happy for her instead. Maxie sees Spinelli chatting with Brando and runs over to see him. Brando departs, and Spinelli learns that Maxie and Peter are getting married. When Maxie realizes Spinelli isn’t happy for her, she tells him that he doesn’t have to come to the wedding, but do not influence Georgie’s opinion of Peter. If he can’t do that then she’ll no longer consider him a friend. Maxie walks away, and Robert approaches Spinelli. Robert suggests Spinelli change his tactics with Maxie, and to convince her to trust him again. Robert feels Maxie will need a friend when the bottom falls out, and he will prove Peter’s guilt. Peter joins Maxie at a table, and she tells him about her quarrel with Spinelli. Spinelli approaches and apologizes to both Maxie and Peter and offers his congratulations and wishes them every happiness. He hopes to earn their trust. Peter wants to put everything behind them. Maxie asks if he will be coming to the wedding, and he says he wouldn’t miss it. Back at the bar, Robert reconnects with Jackie, who tells him that she is going to be working with Peter. Meanwhile, Dante tries to enter but sees there are too many people, so he’ll have to wait to deal with Peter.

At Anna’s place, Anna questions Finn about genetics and how she can prove if she is Peter’s mother. Peter has a marker for arthritis, which she doesn’t have, so if Alex has it then that would mean Peter is her son. Finn says it’s more likely he inherited it from Faison.

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At the Quartermaine mansion, the doorbell rings Olivia and is stunned to see Dante there. She hugs her son in tears and invites him in. He says he’s back and well and owes it to her visit. Dante admits he worried she gave up on him. Olivia cries that she always knew she’d see him again. She realizes she has to call Sonny and Lulu, but he tells her not to. He says he’s already seen Sonny and went to see Lulu and found her with Dustin. Olivia invites him to stay at the mansion and hugs him again.

Olivia sees Dante on GH

At the Deception offices at the Metro Court, BLQ blames Valentin for her dumpster fire of a life, but he tells her she only has herself to blame for it. Later, Chase and BLQ hit the bar, and Chase has some bad news. He needs his couch and apartment back. He tells her that it’s time she works things out with her family.

Brando meets with Cyrus in the hospital garage. Brando thanks him for getting the cops off his back, and for putting the guys who beat him up away. Cyrus would like him on his team as a liaison between him and Sonny to keep the peace.

Back at Anna’s, Valentin drops by to get an update on handling Alex. Anna hasn’t heard from her again and finally comes clean that she suspects Alex could be Peter’s mother and that’s what this is about. She reminds him of the memory transfer, and these memories could be Alex’s. Valentin thanks God that this means she may never have slept with Faison and had his baby. Finn enters, after seeing Violet to sleep, and when Valentin makes an excuse for his visit, Finn tells him he knows about Alex. Valentin warns Anna that Alex will be coming to Port Charles, and she needs to deal with her sister. He leaves, and Anna tells Finn she has an idea. She isn’t giving up on the DNA tests and points out while Faison is dead, he’s not gone.

Brando stops by Sonny’s place and tells him about Cyrus’ offer.

On the next General Hospital: Monica tells BLQ and Ned that it’s make up time.

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