Cyrus asks Jordan for something General Hospital
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Cyrus corners Jordan in the garage. He wonders if she has what he asked for. She hands him a case file and he asks her about Brando. Cyrus orders her to kill the investigation into Brando and she wonders why he is looking out for him. He claims he dislikes injustice.

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Chases asks Finn about the wedding at General Hospital

Curtis approaches Portia at General Hospital. He’s there to pick up TJ but he’s still scrubbing up. They chat about Trina and how she is coping. Portia wishes her daughter didn’t have so much misdirected anger at the PI. He saved her life and she will always be grateful. Elsewhere, Maxie and Peter wander the hall. He gets a message from Anna. Maxie tells him to go and see Anna and then they can tell Mac and Felecia their good news together. Down the corridor, Chase drops by Finn’s office and asks him to family dinner. The doctor says they don’t need to have the same relationship with their dad and Jackie. Finn admits that there are problems facing his wedding thanks to Alex. When Chase wanders into the hall, Jordan tells him to drop the investigation on Brando. He’s bewildered. Portia and Curtis interrupt as the cop sends Chase away. The doctor starts questioning her shelving the investigation and accuses her of being a coward. That annoys Jordan. As they bicker, Curtis asks the ladies to stop and concentrate on their mutual enemy, Cyrus. He’s startled when his wife blurts out that she can’t just kill Cyrus. Meanwhile, Cyrus drops by Finn’s office. The doctor isn’t happy to see him or hear him bring up his past addiction. Finn abruptly walks out.

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Peter talks to Anna at her place General Hospital

Anna anxiously waits for Peter at home. When he arrives, he excitedly tells her that he and Maxie are getting married. He’s wanted to propose for months but Maxie beat him to it. Peter plans to do all he can to be worthy of her. He tells her about his genetic test and says that he has markers for arthritis. Peter assumes that comes from her. Anna says no. He remembers that she asked him there to tell him something, but she says it can wait. After he leaves, Finn arrives and she announces she may have found a way to prove if she is Peter’s mother or not.

Maxie announces her marriage to Mac at The Floating Rib General Hospital

Robert wanders into The Floating Rib where Jackie is chatting with Mac. He asks Scorpio how he let her get away. As Robert brags about his magnetism, Maxie arrives. Felicia is delivering meals to the elderly. Unable to hold it in, Maxie tells them she and Peter are getting married. Mac is happy but Scorpio is clearly not. He takes Jackie over to the bar and she wonders what he has against Maxie’s fiancé. Robert tells her she shouldn’t be working for Peter and The Invader. She claims that she already checked him out and can look after herself. Peter strolls in and joins Maxie. Mac shakes his hand and, after being pushed by Jackie, Robert shuffles over to reluctantly congratulate the couple. Mac drags him away and asks what’s wrong. He urges him to let go of his enmity for all their sakes. Scorpio agrees to leave it alone but warns he’ll do something really bad if his suspicions turn out to be right. Mac says he won’t be doing it alone. Across the room, Brando gets a call from Cyrus, who says the investigation is over. Brando asks what he wants as payback.

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Brook Lynn asks Amy for help at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Deception office, Amy eavesdrops as Lucy pitches her plan to have Brook Lynn perform live. Valentin thinks that’s a great idea, but Ms. Madigan is reluctant to stick around. Brook Lynn looks for excuses and Sasha takes Madigan off for a drink. Lucy and Valentin talk Brook Lynn into singing. As they wait, Brook Lynn slips out and corners Amy. She talks her into being her voice. Meanwhile, Lucy takes Sasha aside and asks her to calm down. Valentin senses something is wrong so calls Chase and asks him to check in on Sasha. Brook Lynn gets her mic and lip-synchs while Amy sings in the hallway. Chase arrives and spots her doing this. When he interrupts, she drops the mic. Everyone in the other room can hear them talking. Amy runs in and apologizes. Lucy makes excuses but Madigan is not impressed by Deception’s deceptions and walks out. Coe asks Brook Lynn how she could lie to all of them and put the company in jeopardy. She fires her and storms out. Brook Lynn thanks Amy, who leaves, and then vents to Chase about everything in her life going wrong since she made a deal with Valentin.

On the next General Hospital: Brook Lynn tears into Valentin.

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