Maxie proposes to Peter on GH
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At Anna’s place, Anna confesses to Finn that Alex tried to have her killed, and she believes it has to do with Peter. She tells him that she and Valentin are going to lure Alex home, bring her to justice, and get the answers she needs. Finn is furious because she’s putting them all in danger, and she should just tell Peter the truth that she doesn’t know if she or Alex is his mother. Anna refuses to turn his world upside down now that he’s happy, and Alex is proving herself to be just as twisted as Faison. Finn is called to the hospital, and he tells Anna to consider if keeping the truth from Peter is in his best interests. Later, Anna calls Peter and leaves him a voicemail suggesting they meet and talk.

Anna tells Finn about Alex on GH

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At General Hospital, Peter and Maxie have been called in for the results of their genetic testing. Britt enters, and Peter is surprised to see his sister and they hug. Britt is taking over their appointment to make sure her niece or nephew gets the best treatment possible. Britt goes over the genetic tests and sees nothing out of order. She assumes Peter was worried about Huntington’s Disease, which Faison had. Peter freaks out and doesn’t know if he can do this with the fear of his father looming over them. Maxie tells him that Faison isn’t in his life any longer, and she loves him for who he is. She asks Peter to marry her as she wants to spend her life with him. Britt starts bawling and tells them to pretend she isn’t there. Peter gets down on one knee and accepts her proposal, offering his whole heart to her.

Peter is unsure on GH

Chase meets his mom at The Floating Rib, and she wants to know when she can meet Willow. He finally admits they broke up because he cheated on her. Talk turns to Finn and their father’s feud, and he asks his mom to try and broker peace between them. Jackie refuses and advises her son to stay out of this war.

Chase and Jackie have dinner on GH

At the Deception offices at Metro Court, Sasha shows up late looking like roadkill, as Lucy puts it. Lucy freshens her make-up and explains this deal is huge because this cosmetic buyer will put their product in a huge store chain. Outside the office, Brook Lynn catches Amy wanting to attend the meeting to see the reaction to her vocals for the campaign, but Brook Lynn tells her she can’t be there. Valentin catches them together, and Amy quickly takes off. Brook Lynn and Valentin enter, and the buyer arrives. Lucy introduces everyone to the buyer Ms. Madigan, (played by Devika Parikh), and Sasha begins the presentation but is all jitters. She misreads the shade of lipstick she’s presenting several times and has shaky hands when she tries to apply it. Lucy suggests an herbal tea break, and Valentin talks to the buyer, who is unimpressed by the presentation. Sasha tries a second time to pitch the product, with an improvised pitch the buyer finds good if unconventional. Lucy attempts to play BLQ’s demo for her, but her laptop won’t play the track. The buyer tells them their pitch was unique, but maybe they should revisit selling Deception in her stores at a later time. Lucy pushes BLQ to give a live performance to save the deal.

Deception Meeting

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At Charlie’s, Jax joins Nina, who admits she can’t stop thinking about Nelle. At the bar, Julian tells Nikolas to stop caring about his sister, because every relationship she gets into causes her to self-destruct. He advises Nikolas to keep their marriage a business transaction only. Martin arrives and reveals to Julian Nelle’s body is being released and Julian is responsible for her burial. Julian suggests an unmarked grave in a potter’s field works for him. Nina overhears and is stunned, so she offers to give Nelle a proper burial. Jax hopes once the funeral is over she finally puts Nelle out of her thoughts.

Julian grills Nikolas on GH

Ava visits Ryan in Pentonville, who is annoyed she kept him waiting. She has a counter to his offer to give her the letter if she divorces Nikolas. She reveals she blackmailed Nikolas into a marriage to get his money and estate, and she offers him a cut of the money. She has to push him to cheat on her because then she gets everything. Ryan thinks her plan isn’t working, and Nikolas has feelings for her, which doesn’t sit well with him. Ryan won’t hand over the letter without her handing him signed divorce papers.

Ava visits Ryan on GH

Ava returns to Charlie’s and finds Nikolas still there. He gives her the cold shoulder before he heads out. Julian asks Ava if she made a deal with Ryan. Ava says she has figured out how to get what they want from Ryan without divorcing Nikolas.

On the next General Hospital: Maxie gives Mac the news that she and Peter are getting married.

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