Britt asks Scott about his scheme with Ava at General Hospital
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Nervous Liz walks down the corridors of General Hospital to meet with Scott and Franco. She’s worried that they are committing extortion. The nurse suggests the prince will risk losing his fortune if she tells him the truth. They argue about this and Franco claims they are just balancing the scales since Nikolas and Ava disrespected their marriage. Franco tells his wife that this money is the way to happiness. She doesn’t think they can be happy with ill-gotten gains. Nikolas arrives at the nurses’ station, looking for Kevin but bumps into Britt. They bicker about the difference between Sonny and Cyrus. She says that Spencer asked her to save the prince from himself and his wife. The doctor quickly guesses he’s developed feelings for Ava. She warns that he is playing a dangerous game and Ryan could come after him. Britt tells him not to make Spencer grieve for him again. Scott gets off the elevator and the Cassadine walks off. Britt approaches Scott and accuses him of being Ava’s flunky. He assures her that she and Nikolas don’t have a future.

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Nikolas interrupts Ava and Julian at Charlie's General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Julian and Ava discuss Ryan. She tells her brother that he has the letter that incriminates him. They ponder what to do. He thinks she should just go for the divorce that Ryan has demanded. As they debate, Nikolas arrives and takes his wife across the room to question her about what Ryan wants. She says Ryan has something she needs. He doesn’t want her to see the maniac again and offers to fix this. Ava refuses his help and walks out.

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Olivia approaches Alexis on the roof of the Metro Court General Hospital

Ned interrupts Olivia and Alexis as they talk on the Metro Court roof. Liv asks her husband what he did to help Alexis last night. Alexis claims that he just listened to her vent. When Olivia leaves them alone, the two bicker about how bad this situation is. She runs off when the other woman returns. Olivia has noticed that Alexis is drinking again and assumes that Ned was helping her.

Gladys defends Brando to Jordan at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Gladys tells Carly and Sam that Brando is being wasted in the garage. She thinks he should have a place in the Corinthos business. Gladys admits she wants her share in the empire. Sam tells her she has no idea what family means and Carly tells her to get in her car and drive. Cyrus arrives to pay his respects to Sonny. Brando strolls over and Cyrus comments on how proud Sonny should be of him. As the mobsters bicker, Jordan comes in and asks Brando to the station for questioning. Gladys gets in the middle of this. Jordan says that the evidence shows someone tampered with Jason’s bike. Brando angrily defends himself. Sonny advises him to shut up and get a lawyer. Gladys is appalled by how Sonny is treating his own family and storms out. Jordan takes Carly aside and asks her about Nelle. She’s eager to tie things up now that the autopsy is done. Meanwhile, Sam notices her mom walking crooked and sniffs her glass when she leaves it on a table. Sonny takes Jason into the hallway to discuss Brando, who reappears and announces that this is his way to get into Cyrus’ organization as a spy. Sonny is skeptical about this plan, but Brando is sure it will work.

Outside, Cyrus approaches Gladys and tells her that he admires her son. He hands her his card and says that if she or Brando need a friend, they should call him.

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Dante arrives at Lulu's General Hospital

Lulu is startled when she opens her door and finds Dante there. Shirtless Dustin jogs in. Before Dante can leave, Lulu asks him to stay. Reluctantly, he enters. When Dustin offers him his hand, Dante crushes it, forces him to the ground and puts a gun to his head. Lulu yelps. This was just in his imagination. In reality, Dante narrows his eyes and asks to wash his hand after shaking Dustin’s. He wanders off and takes some meds. When he returns, Dustin has left. The former couple quickly starts arguing and she reminds him that she wasn’t the one who asked to end their marriage. She says she’s crawled out of the mess he made of her life. She offered to wait forever and it turned out he only needed a year and a half. He’s sorry for hurting her. Lulu has built a life without him. Dante asks if it’s a good life. “He’s not you, but he is a good person,” she explains. He announces that he is never leaving their family again and will be staying in Port Charles.

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