Dante returns to GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia speaks with Lulu over the phone. Lulu feels awful for missing the funeral due to Rocco being sick. After the call, Ned and Olivia plan to head to Mike’s memorial service, but Monica asks Ned to hang back. Olivia departs, and Monica reveals to Ned that she heard from Tracy, who is threatening to return to Port Charles if he doesn’t fix his relationship with Brook Lynn.

Monica confronts Ned on GH

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At the Metro Court, Carly and Joss set tables for Mike’s memorial. Joss confides in Carly that she and Cam kissed and she doesn’t know how to tell Trina. She also doesn’t know how she feels about it. Carly advises she speak to Trina, and maybe journal her feelings. Joss tells her mother about putting her journal away in a memory box in the basement, which an eavesdropping Dev overhears. Elsewhere, Brando, Jason and Sam arrive. Alexis eventually turns up and Sam wonders why she missed Mike’s service. At the bar, BLQ texts Amy about the Deception meeting and can’t thank her enough.

Carly asks Joss about Canceling on GH

At the church, Sonny embraces his son and believes Mike had something to do with his arrival. Dante reveals he’s been officially released, and he wished he’d arrived sooner to see Mike one last time. Sonny suggests they go to his memorial at the Metro Court, but Dante doesn’t want to deal with a big crowd of people. He asks Sonny not to tell Olivia he’s back yet, because there is something he needs to do first.

Jordan and Curtis enter Charlie’s and say hello to Trina and Ava, who are working on gallery business. They leave them, and Trina vents to Ava about them trashing her father’s good name. Cyrus appears, and overhearing her says good men make mistakes. Trina screams in anger at him for being a criminal, and Curtis intervenes and suggests to Cyrus that his presence isn’t wanted. Cyrus walks away. Trina cries that she is tired of feeling angry and helpless all the time. Ava tells her to take her anger and change the narrative about her father. Near the bar, Cyrus hands the number of a PCPD case to Jordan and wants all the files involved in this investigation. Later, Jordan gets a call and has to leave. After Trina leaves, Cyrus sits with Ava and drops hints that he knows Julian is in trouble. After he departs, Ava tries to get in touch with Julian.

Cyrus threatens Jordan and Curtis on GH

At Lulu’s, Dustin and Lulu joke about the status of their relationship. When Dustin says he’s romancing and wooing her, she tells him that he knows she loves him. She quickly apologizes for putting him on the spot, but he says he loves her too. She feels they are on the same page, and perhaps it’s time to take another big step. She asks him to move in, which he accepts. Later there is a knock at the door and Lulu is stunned to open it to Dante.

Lulu asks Dustin to move in on GH

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Back at the Metro Court, Trina arrives, and Carly pulls Dev aside so Joss and Trina can talk. Dev joins Brando and tells him that Joss friend-zoned him at the dance. Suddenly Gladys appears and is sorry she missed the service. Dev leaves to join Joss and Trina, and Trina tells them she needs their help clearing her father’s name. Elsewhere, Alexis explains to Sam that she forgot to set the alarm and had trouble sleeping last night. Olivia arrives and Alexis asks when she got back. Olivia is surprised that Alexis knew she was away. Alexis excuses herself, orders a club soda, departs to the balcony where she pulls a bottle of vodka out of her purse. She dumps the soda into the bushes and pours herself a drink. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn comes clean with Olivia about erasing the messages she left for her father. Olivia understands, forgives her, and hopes she can start be forgiving towards her father. Olivia then spots Alexis drinking on the balcony approaches and her. She lets Alexis know if she ever needs to talk… Alexis thanks her and says she’s a bit talked out, and that Ned has been helping her. Ned appears and spies them together. Elsewhere, Gladys approaches Carly and apologizes for missing the funeral, and claims Mike’s spirit spoke to her and wants Brando to be a trusted associate of Sonny’s like Jason is. Sonny arrives and wonders what is going on. Gladys gives Sonny her condolences and was just saying she hoped Brando could have a place in his business in honor of Mike’s memory. Carly and Sam haul her off to get a drink, and Brando swears he didn’t call Gladys. Sonny has come to a decision about his role in the business. By the elevators, Jason tells Cyrus that he’s not welcomed there.

Dev heads home and retrieves Joss’ journal from the basement.

Alexis shocked Olivia is home on GH

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