Nikolas interrupts Brook Lynn and Julian at Charlie's General Hospital
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At Charlie’s, Brook Lynn complains to Julian about Nelle. He thinks she should be relieved Nelle is dead. When she brings up the baby switch, he snaps at her. Nikolas strolls in. Jerome encourages her to be careful of the company she keeps and walks off. The prince sits down and offers her a place to stay. She already has somewhere to crash. Amy arrives and sits herself down. As she starts to gab, Nikolas crosses the room and asks Julian where his sister is. Back at the table, Amy starts singing as Brook Lynn drinks. Eventually, she gets inspired and tells Amy there’s something she can do for her.

Alexis and Ned realize they had sex at her place General Hospital

At Alexis’ place, she walks around in her robe wondering why she got wasted and had sex with Ned. He comes down the stairs looking for aspirin. They agree this is a nightmare. He worries about taking advantage of her, but she thinks he should be more worried about cheating on his wife. They agree to keep this quiet and he exits. Left alone, Alexis starts drinking.

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Carly and Willow discuss Michael at the Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Carly drops by the Quartermaine mansion to check on Michael and Willow. She tells them how much family matters. They tell her about the plan to have Willow adopt Wiley. When the women are left alone, Willow admits this will tie her to Michael forever. Willow isn’t sure what their relationship is. Carly tells her to relax and let love guide her. When Michael returns, Carly goes off to see the kid and Willow tells him she has decided to go ahead with the adoption. Meanwhile, Monica bumps into Olivia, who asks her where Ned might be. Soon, Ned arrives and his wife runs into his arms. She wonders where he has been. He accuses her of sleeping with Robert in Monte Carlo.

Obrecht rants about Anna to Dr. Kirk at WSB General Hospital

At the WSB facilities, Obrecht looks forward to Peter’s destruction. When she mentions targeting his family, Dr. Kirk is not happy. She rants about Anna’s many crimes and how she turned Britt against her. As she complains about being condemned to live without love, he assures her that he loves her. Liesl wants proof. He’s loved her since they met at Steinmauer and she was his patient. She points out that they can’t be together until she is free and that means destroying Peter and Anna. He promises to get to work on it and she shows him out the door before cursing the Schwein.

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Finn and Anna plan the wedding at the Metro Court General Hospital

Finn is shocked at the Metro Court when Anna tells him there will be 230 guests at their wedding. She thinks his father and stepmother should be added. He suggests they invite her sister and then apologizes for the cheap shot. She’s startled when he offers to ask Peter to be part of his wedding party. Robert wanders in and fills them in on Holly’s demise. He warns them about what a threat Peter is. Annoyed, she walks off and Robert continues to rail until the doctor stops him. Scorpio wonders if he’ll keep looking the other way once Violet is part of the same family as Peter. The doctor tells him not to waste his life dying on this hill. In the side room, Lulu is on the phone urging someone to speak out against Cyrus. They hang up on her. Jackie Templeton (played by Kim Delaney) shows up and they discuss her plans for the story. Lulu is sorry that Peter couldn’t be there to meet her. Lulu coos about how amazing she is. When she brings up Luke, Jackie says they go back longer than she’d care to remember. Jackie has gone through the files that Lulu sent her and they don’t prove much about Renault. However, she agrees to work with her. After Lulu leaves, Robert spots Jackie and rushes over to her.

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Ryan blackmails Ava at Pentonville General Hospital

Ava is at Pentonville visiting Ryan. She’s furious when he says he almost called her for Kiki’s birthday. He’s been following her marriage. She gloats. After some more bickering, he explains that he’s come into some information that could be useful to her. It’s about her brother and Michael’s baby. He tells her about the letter from Nelle and her desire to have the details relayed to Sonny. He offers to keep it quiet if she’ll agree to weekly visits. She gives in just as Nikolas storms in. As they bicker, Ryan wonders if the married couple is in love. Ava asks to be left alone to work this out. Ryan has decided that the visits are meaningless if she’s married. He orders her to divorce him.

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