Ryan calls Ava on GH
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On the decks of The Haunted Star, Portia talks with Trina about how she’s feeling. Trina feels guilty because for a moment tonight she wasn’t thinking about dad and stressing about something else. Portia thinks the something else is Cam. Elsewhere, Cam moves in and kisses Joss, which is seen by Dev. Dev interrupts after and suggests someone check on Trina. Joss runs off, and Dev asks Cam if he had found Trina first if he would have kissed her instead. Cam says he didn’t plan on this. Cam admits he cares about Trina and Joss and doesn’t want to hurt them, so Dev pushes him to tell the girls that he only wants to be friends. Cam knows they won’t buy that because the let’s just be friends line is the ultimate blowoff. Dev recalls Joss using the line on him. Cam realizes he needs to take a step back and figure what he’s feeling before talking to the girls. Elsewhere, Joss finds Trina with her mom, and Trina tells Joss they should go inside. Joss takes Trina to one of the staterooms so she can figure out what she wants to do. Trina suggests they find Cam and Dev and force them onto the dancefloor. Back on the deck, Liz and Portia chat, and Portia believes Trina isn’t just worried about her dad, but some teenage angst. Liz also believes their kids are angsting over one another. Meanwhile, Joss and Trina find Dev and Cam on the deck, and Trina wonders what they were talking about. Cam claims nothing much.

Cam and Joss kiss on GH

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At the Metro Court, Curtis and Jordan take Stella out to dinner as she’s leaving town again. Stella is worried about TJ and believes he is focusing all his time and energy on work and this protest to avoid dealing with the trauma of his kidnapping. Jordan thinks she may be right and excuses herself. TJ and Molly are at the bar when Brando enters. TJ gives his friend a hug and invites him to their protest next week. Brando warns them Cyrus is dangerous, and they should leave him to the cops and focus on their commitment ceremony. Brando gets a message and runs off. Later, Jordan approaches them about their protest. She believes he’s throwing himself into this fight to avoid dealing with his trauma and suggests he devote his time to focusing on Molly and happier things. Jordan also asks him to think about talking to someone, and she gets back to Stella and Curtis.TJ wasn’t expecting that but admits to Molly that he’s not ready to talk about what happened to him. Back at their table, Stella and Curtis discuss Taggert, and Cyrus is determined to put Cyrus in jail for Trina’s sake. The talk turns to Portia, and Curtis admits they go way back. Stella asks if they were involved and if Jordan is aware. Curtis says he doesn’t keep secrets from his wife. Jordan returns, and Stella asks them to promise to take care of each other so she knows they’ll be safe and happy when she returns for the commitment ceremony.

Stella, Curtis and Jordan dine on GH

On the pier, Jason tells Sonny that Cyrus’ weakness is his arrogance and thinking he can control anyone. Jason believes Cyrus is trying to gather allies and put himself in a position of power, and there is someone he wants to acquire badly. Brando arrives, and Jason explains that Cyrus wants to bring Brando into his organization. Jason wants to send Brando to work for Cyrus, while he really works for Sonny. Brando is ready, but Sonny worries Cyrus will end up using him as a hostage to screw Sonny over. Jason says it’s Sonny’s call. Later, Brando leaves, and Sonny asks Jason to keep an eye on Brando because he could cause problems.

Jason and Sonny plot against Cyrus on GH

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At Wyndemere, Nikolas interrupts as Julian is explaining to Ava that Nelle sent the letter detailing his crimes to someone unknown. Suddenly Ava gets a collect call from Ryan in Pentonville. She accepts the call, and he tells a rattled Ava how wonderful it is to hear her voice. She wonders what he wants. He demands she visit him to find out, and warns of dire consequences if she doesn’t show. After she hangs up, Julian and Nikolas plead with her not to visit Ryan, but Ava can tell he’s sitting on something real. Julian has to leave, and Nikolas continues to urge her not to engage Ryan and give him power. They bicker, but Ava sees Nikolas is genuinely concerned for her. She assures Nikolas that she’ll never play Ryan’s games again, and he doesn’t need to worry about her. Nikolas gets a message from his accountant to meet. Ava promises him that she’s fine and to go.

Ava gets a call from Ryan on GH

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Later, Ava arrives at Pentonville and meets with Ryan.

On the next General HospitalNed asks Alexis to keep a secret and Ryan tells Ava that his silence comes at a price.

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