Dev and Joss at the dance on GH
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At Wyndemere, Ava makes small talk with Nikolas, who eventually brings up their night of sex. Ava claims she hasn’t given it much thought. He wonders if she regrets sleeping with him, and she wonders the same about him. Both speculate if going back to the way things were before is really what the other wants and they come close to a kiss.

Ava and Nikolas close moment on GH

Outside of Jax’s place, Brando drops Dev off and gets a call from Cyrus, who lets him know that the men who attacked him have been arrested. He is sorry for the trouble but still wants him to be part of his team and to think about it. Brando heads in, where Dev is with Carly, Portia, Liz and Cam. Jax announces it is showtime as Trina and Joss walk down the steps and debut their looks. Liz and Portia are going to chaperone the kids, and Carly and Jax remind them no drinking and no leaving The Haunted Star without their driver and bodyguard Tony. Before they head off, Carly snaps photos of everyone.

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Joss and Trina go to the dance on GH

Outside of Charlie’s, Sam confronts Jason, who has been following Cyrus. Jason informs her that Cyrus and Julian had a long conversation earlier. Sam wonders what Cyrus wants with her father. Inside, Julian reads Nelle’s letter as Cyrus asks if it’s bad news. Julian thanks him for the alibi earlier, but he still isn’t selling the bar. Cyrus suspects he is worried he might get blamed for Nelle’s crimes, and if he does find himself in trouble in the future to just ask him for help. Sam and Jason enter, and Sam asks to speak to Julian in private. Sam asks Julian what the deal with Cyrus is. Julian tells her that Cyrus wants to buy the place, but he turned him down. He also tells Sam whatever is going on that he wants nothing to do with Cyrus and Sonny’s blood war. Meanwhile, Cyrus gives Jason his condolences on the loss of Mike and says it’s hard to lose family members. He feels for Sonny and knows there has been trouble with his business and the attack on his cousin Brando. Jason says Brando can take care of himself. Cyrus acts shocked that Brando hasn’t been taken under the Corinthos wing. Sam rejoins Jason, and Cyrus tells Sam he was sad to hear of her mother’s friend’s passing. Sam explains they were shocked to learn he was using drugs and wonders if he knows where he got them. Cyrus has no idea, and reminds her that the charges against him were falsified and dropped. Cyrus departs, and Sam feels Cyrus is taunting them. Jason agrees that Cyrus is pushing the boundaries of the agreement. Later, Jason calls Sonny and asks to meet about Cyrus.

Cyrus and Julian at the bar on GH

Liz and Portia escort the kids to The Haunted Star. The adults hang back on the pier for a while and give the kids their space. Portia apologizes to Liz for Britt sidling her, and rants about how awful it is having Cyrus pulling the strings at General Hospital now.

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On The Haunted Star, Dev tells Joss how gorgeous she looks, but comments she’s gorgeous even when she’s not dressed up. Dev lets Joss know that he knows they are pretending to be cousins, but he doesn’t see her that way. Joss stops him and says they may not be related but she’s glad they are friends. She then rushes off to catch up with the volleyball team. Elsewhere, Cam finds Trina alone. She thinks coming was a mistake and runs off,  needing a moment. Later, Cam finds Joss sitting alone, and he asks if she’s seen Trina. Joss hasn’t. Cam admits he’s worried about her. He wonders what she’s doing hanging out alone. Joss needed some air and is tired of always having to be what people expect. He thinks she’s amazing as she is, and she could never let him down. Cam and Joss move in for a kiss. Elsewhere, Trina reconnects with Dev, and she tells him that this is too much and she’s decided to go home.

Back at Jax’s place, Brando thanks Carly for inviting him tonight and heads out. Later, Nina admits to Carly that tonight made her think about her own child and missing nights like these. She lets Carly know that Jax is helping her find her child, and fills her in on everything they’ve learned so far and about her necklace.

Julian arrives at Wyndemere and interrupts a close moment between Ava and Nikolas. He takes his sister off to talk in private and admits he’s in trouble and needs her help. He fills her in on the fake letter from Nelle that Martin had. Nikolas barges in thinking something is going on. Suddenly, Ava gets a collect call from Ryan at Pentonville. (For the deets on the other big returns GH has been teasing, this is the story for you.)

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