Olivia tells Lulu about Dante at Metro Court General Hospital
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Olivia and Robert are at the Metro Court. She is determined to settle him in, but he thinks she should be with her husband. Liv worries she doesn’t have much of a marriage to go home to. Meanwhile, Lulu and Peter talk by the elevators. He’s worried to see Robert. Lulu goes over to talk to Liv and Robert wanders off. Olivia tells her she went to see Dante, but he refused to open the door. She hates the people who have taken her son away, but she’s finally accepted that there’s no getting through to him. Tearing up, Olivia gets up and Lulu encourages her to find Ned. Peter bumps into Robert by the door. Scorpio warns that he will be coming for him. Lulu comes over and defends Peter. Robert can’t believe a daughter of Luke can have such blinders on. After he walks off, Lulu tells Peter she wants to use her platform to go after Cyrus.

Dante is confused by his assignment at WSB General Hospital

At the WSB facility in Geneva, Dante asks his doctor if the assignment is real. It’s hard for him to adjust to how much Port Charles has changed. They go through the file on Peter and Anna. Officially, the WSB has cleared him but suspect that he has faked his reform. He packs up and leaves to start his investigation. Once he is gone, the doctor goes to his boss. It’s Obrecht. She is sure that Dante will prove her innocence and she can get her revenge.

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Mugged Martin arrives at General Hospital

Curtis arrives at General Hospital and asks Portia what she knows about Britt. Martin stumbles in after being mugged. She looks after his bruises and Curtis quizzes him about the attack until the doctor sends him away.

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Ned and Alexis discuss their past at The Floating Rib General Hospital

In the alley outside of The Floating Rib, Chase breaks up Ned and Valentin as they fight. They go inside, where Alexis is drinking. Curtis calls the cop to say Martin has been mugged. Valentin leaves with him. Ned joins Alexis at the bar and asks what she was doing with Valentin anyway. She explains their relationship and he tells her about his wife being in Monte Carlo with another man. He tries reassuring her when she blames herself for Neil’s death. She wonders what happened to them and how their relationship went wrong. They keep drinking and she reminds him of leaving him at the altar. He feels sorry for himself and she says he’s the last of the princes. As the hobble toward the door, he suggests they go out on the town and tries to kiss her. He calls for a car.

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Portia warns Curtis to back off at General Hospital

Chase and Valentin join Curtis at General Hospital. Portia tells them Martin will be okay. They go in to question the lawyer and he explains his briefcase was taken, including an envelope from Nelle. After the cop exits, Valentin asks the lawyer what’s in the envelope. Martin insists he doesn’t know and she took her secrets to the grave with her. Valentin suggests he pray that he’s right. At the nurses’ station, Curtis asks Portia about Britt again. She tells him he should stop asking questions or he’ll wind up dead. He can’t back off on Renault. The doctor points out he can’t help Trina if he’s not around.

Cyrus talks to Julian at Charlie's General Hospital

Cyrus finds Julian in the alley outside of Charlie’s and tells him he has something that he wants. They go inside and Renault reminds him that he wanted to collaborate on a venture. He wants to buy the pub. Jerome says it’s not for sale and puts Nelle’s envelope behind the bar. As Cyrus brings up Julian’s many crimes, Chase strolls in to question Julian. He informs him of Martin’s mugging. Cyrus gives him an alibi. The annoyed cop leaves. Julian thanks Renault but insists he did nothing wrong and offers him nachos as thanks. When he’s left alone, Julian reads the letter. Nelle wrote that she knew he would go after Martin, so she sent the incriminating letter to someone else.

In the mailroom at Pentonville, a letter from Nelle arrives for Ryan.

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Jax, Nina, and Carly with Joss at Jax's place General Hospital

At Jax’s place, Joss starts to panic about getting ready for homecoming. She admits to Nina that she’s on an emotional seesaw. Sonny and Carly show up. Joss prompts her mom to tell everyone Nelle is dead. Carly doesn’t want to dwell on that when they should be having fun. The mom and daughter go off to get ready and Nina pays her respects to Sonny. Nina gets called away to help Joss with her makeup as Carly returns. Sonny thanks Jax for helping his wife. Jax insists they can’t have this conversation where Nina might overhear them. She suddenly reappears and realizes she’s walked in on something. Jax claims he’s trying to spare her the details of Nelle’s death.

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