Ava pulls a gun on the docks General Hospital
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Ava goes down to the docks to meet the person who sent her a blackmail text. She whips out a gun when she hears someone. It’s Scott. To her shock, he wants 125K in exchange for not sending the photo of her and Franco to Nikolas. She makes excuses for what happened and doesn’t believe he would hurt his son like this. Scott shrugs that off. Ava suggests she could be in love with Franco. He’s not convinced and thinks she’s just out for herself and should pay for it. She announces that this is the death of their friendship. He tells her she has 24 hours to pay and walks off.

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Nikolas has a drink at the Metro Court General Hospital

Nikolas meets with Martin at the Metro Court to talk about his post-nuptial agreement. The lawyer explains that since it doesn’t clearly define infidelity, it’s a legal minefield. Emotional infidelity could also apply but there would have to be proof. The prince sees Julian at the bar and walks over to ask if he’s seen Ava. The Jerome wonders what might have happened to his sister. He heads to Martin’s table and announces he wants to annul his marriage. Martin explains he can’t hire him and adds that she left an important document with him that will have to be transferred to her new lawyer. He gets a call and then informs Julian his marital woes are over. “Congratulations! You are now a widower,” Martin says. Since he is still her attorney of record, he’ll have to handle her estate.

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Brook Lynn argues with Ned at Chase's General Hospital

At Chase’s place, Ned asks Brook Lynn to let him know where she moves. He gets a call informing him that a hotel in Monte Carlo thinks he’s honeymooning there with Olivia. He assumes her credit card was hacked. His daughter remembers the call from Olivia to his phone that she erased. As Ned panics, she eventually stops him and explains what she did. He’s frustrated and doesn’t know how to get in touch with his wife. What could Robert have gotten his wife into?

Nikolas meets Ava on the docks but neither of them mentions what happened today.

Jason Carly and Sonny talk Nelle's death at Corinthos house General Hospital

At the Corinthos compound, Jason informs Sonny and Carly that Nelle’s corpse has been found and identified. Sonny is thrilled and assumes Carly is relieved. She explains that she’s been keeping the details of the night Nelle died from them. Sitting down, she tells them about running after Nelle and her going over the cliff. Chase arrives and informs them Nelle’s body has been recovered. There will be a full autopsy. He asks Carly for her account of her last meeting with Nelle. She’s vague and Jason suggests they do this later. Jason shows the cop out. When he returns, Carly admits that Jax knows what happened. Sonny is shocked.

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Franco chases Liz around the halls of General Hospital. She thinks his solution to their problems will only make them worse and leaps on the elevator. When she gets off on a different floor, she runs into Michael and Willow. As they talk about Mike dying, Sasha overhears. She feels terrible and nearly hugs him. That’s awkward. Willow sends him away and tells Sasha that she knows she’s still in love with Michael. Sasha admits she’ll always care about him but that’s all. Willow assures her that Michael hasn’t been grieving alone and adds that she is adopting Wiley. Meanwhile, Liz tells Michael about all the cuts that Cyrus and Britt have been making at the hospital. He’s not sure that this is the best place for Wiley to get his follow-up heart surgery. She suggests he look into other options. He heads back down the hall and finds distraught Sasha walking away from Michael. Sasha asks Liz for a referral so she can get some sleeping pills. Liz gives her one but urges her to be careful. Franco comes to get his wife and they go down the hall to meet with Scott. He shows them the pictures that he showed to Ava and Nikolas. Meanwhile, Sasha calls her dealer and tells her she needs to make a purchase. Back down the hall, Chase informs Willow and Michael that Nelle is dead.

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