Ava meets blackmailer on GH
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Outside of Kelly’s, Molly tells TJ given Neil’s death at her mother’s house they’ll need to find a new spot for their commitment ceremony. TJ thinks they may have to postpone. Stella arrives and says if they want this ceremony then she’ll get the job done. They invite her to join them, and Molly goes inside to grab Stella a lemonade and iced tea. Alone, Stella asks TJ how he’s really doing. Molly listens in as TJ admits thinking of Molly is the only thing that got him through the kidnapping. Molly returns, and TJ has to excuse himself to take a call from his study group. Stella asks Molly how she’s been holding up, especially with TJ not responding to her. Stella imagines she had doubts and questioned her relationship with TJ, and she says that’s natural and it’s better to doubt than to deceive. TJ rejoins them, and Stella hopes there will be cake at this non-traditional wedding. Inside, Nikolas is shocked to receive a photo of him kissing Liz on his phone with instructions. Nikolas tells Lulu a business situation has risen and he needs to handle it. He quickly heads out.

Stella questions Molly on GH

At the Metro Court, Ava is stunned to receive a photo on her phone of her kissing Franco with instructions. She shares it with Nina and panics. Ava knows she can’t let Nikolas see the photo because he’ll divorce her and leave her broke. Elsewhere, Ned speaks with Julian and tries to find out if he’s spoken to Olivia recently. Julian doesn’t know what is going on, but he suggests he talk to Olivia if he wants to know how often they speak.

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At the Corinthos estate, Jason walks in as Carly and Jax discussing Nelle. Jax departs, and Carly admits to Jason she did something he won’t like, and Jax doesn’t want him or Sonny to know. Lulu stops by and interrupts them to give Sonny her condolences. On the patio, Avery drops her locket, and Sonny picks it up. He wonders if her mother gave it to her. She says it’s for good luck. They head inside to get Avery a snack. There Sonny finds Lulu, who tells him how sorry she is about Mike. They step out to the patio, and Sonny can’t get over the anger he held onto regarding his father. Lulu tells Sonny he had a right to be angry with Mike because he left him, but he made peace with Mike and forgave him. Lulu departs, but not before telling Sonny she’s keeping him and Mike in her prayers. Sonny heads inside and Carly says she has something to tell him and Jason. Before she can, Jason gets a call and learns Nelle’s body has been found and she’s dead. (Read our theories about who really killed her here!)

Carly caught lying on GH

At the Floating Rib, Bobbie and Scott are on a date, when Scott has to excuse himself for a work call. When he returns, a frustrated Bobbie tells Scott that he’s a wonderful friend, but a lousy boyfriend. For both their sakes and to preserve their friendship she is calling it quits.

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Bobbie dumps Scott on GH

At Chase’s place, he asks Brook Lynn if she’s given any more thought to where she will go. Brook Lynn gets the hint that he wants her gone. He thinks she’d be happier with a friend or family member. She refuses to return to her family after being thrown out by her father. Chase saw the look on his family’s face after she was attacked, and he knows they love her. She knows it too, but her staying there is about what she did to her family, and she thinks her father only feels sorry for her. Chase gets a work-related call and he has to head in. On his way out he finds Ned at the door and lets him in. Ned begs her to come home and let him take care of her, but she refuses.

Ned and Brook Lynn argue on GH

At the docks, Nikolas arrives to meet his blackmailer and can’t believe who it is. Nikolas tells them he needs twenty-four hours to come up with that kind of cash and warns them if they do anything with the photo he will bury them.

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Back at the Metro Court, Nina advises Ava not to go to the pier to meet the blackmailer by herself, but she thinks she can handle it. She rushes off as Jax enters, and he wonders what is up with Ava. Nina doesn’t want to go into it and is just glad they have no secrets between them. Meanwhile, Ava runs into Nikolas at the elevator and he feels they need to talk. Ava doesn’t have time and suggests they rendezvous at Wyndemere later and see what happens. Ava leaves, and Nikolas deletes the photo of him and Liz kissing from his phone.

Ava goes to the pier to meet her blackmailer. When someone comes out of the shadows, she pulls a gun.

Jax keeping a secret GH

On the next General HospitalAva learns who her blackmailer is, as Nikolas meets with Martin for help.

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