Sonny tells Avery about Mike on GH
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At the hospital, Molly finds her mom checking in for an appointment with Portia with her arm in a cast and asks what happened. Alexis begins to explain when the nurse tells Alexis that Dr. Robinson is ready for her. Molly insists on going with her. They head into an exam room and Portia tells them Alexis’ tests reveal she has Osteoporosis. Portia explains the disease to them and assures Alexis that there are medications she can take, along with vitamins and exercise to help manage the disease.

Alexis gets test results on GH

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At the PCPD, Curtis leaves a message with Laura hoping she gets back to Port Charles soon as they need her. He goes in to see Jordan in her office and learns Neil’s death was on overdose. Curtis is suspicious of Cyrus’ involvement, but Jordan can’t find a connection between them and he may not be involved. As they talk about the dangers Renault presents, they are interrupted by a visit from Stella. Stella lets them know she came home because of Mike’s passing, and she plans to stay to attend his funeral and see TJ. She also wonders how long it will take Jordan to put the people who kidnapped him in jail. This hits a nerve with Curtis, who thinks Jordan needs support and not criticism right now and he storms out leaving Stella baffled. He eventually returns and apologizes, and she apologizes for being insensitive.

Curtis and Jordan discuss Cyrus on GH

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At the Metro Court the bar, Renault questions Lulu when her mother will return to Port Charles. Sam intervenes to make sure Lulu isn’t being pestered. Lulu inquires what this fascination he has with her mother is about. He simply wants her to let her mother know he’s been asking about her, and he is glad to hear Sam’s other half is doing better. After Cyrus leaves them, Max and Peter approach to check on them. Lulu speculates Cyrus is involved with Neil’s death somehow, and Sam was wondering the same. Sam excuses herself to check on her mom, and Peter asks Maxie to give him a second with Lulu. Maxie leaves them, and Peter suspects Lulu is up to something. Lulu wants to expose Cyrus Renault for being dirty. She also wants to take the story to a national reporter for big exposure. Peter gives her his blessing. Elsewhere, Maxie speaks with Sam and asks if they are still friends. Sam assures her they are, and she’s just been distracted lately. Maxie suspects this has to do with Peter, and she believes Peter is not the man he once was. Sam hopes so. Elsewhere, a man meets with Cyrus and reveals a source in the PCPD confirmed that Byrne overdosed on their drugs.

Sam and Lulu face off with Cyrus on GH

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Brando is surprised to find Jason in his shop. Jason came to make sure Sonny’s men cleaned the shop up for him and to take down the security camera they installed. Jason also reveals keeping him separate from Sonny’s business is probably futile now that Cyrus has insinuated himself in Brando’s life, but he has a plan to deal with this.

Jason has a plan for Brando on GH

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On the patio at the Corinthos’ estate, Joss and Dev play checkers in Mike’s honor. Dev reminds her they are supposed to meet Trina and Cam about the dance. Joss thinks with Mike having just died she needs to stay there. Inside, Ava and Nikolas stop by to drop off Avery. Carly takes Avery to see Pilar, and Ava reveals to Sonny that she hasn’t told Avery about Mike and thinks Sonny should be the one to do so. Ava and Nikolas go their separate ways after leaving. Back out on the patio, Jax stops by to see Joss and gives his daughter a hug. Dev takes off to let them talk. Joss isn’t sure what to do next as she was supposed to meet Cam and Trina to discuss Homecoming. Jax believes Mike would want her to live her life to the fullest. Later, Sonny takes Avery out to the patio and breaks the news to her that her grandpa Mike passed on. After explaining what that means, Avery gets up to go back inside and drops Nelle’s necklace. Sonny picks it up and asks her about it. Back inside, Joss has left to be with her friends, and Jax asks Carly if she’s told Sonny about Nelle. She hasn’t. As they discuss keeping the secret, Jason enter.

Jax comforts joss on GH

Dev stops by Brando’s shop to get some advice about a girl. He’s got a crush on Joss, but doesn’t know how to tell her. Brando advises him to be himself and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

On the next General Hospital: Ava tells Nina that her plan has hit a stumbling block.

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