Olivia rescues Robert and Ethan in Monte Carlo General Hospital
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Ned and Alexis drop by General Hospital to see Portia. He explains that Alexis’ wrist is in pain thanks to a fall last summer that’s returned after twisting it at the gym. The doctor checks her over and does an x-ray. When they are left alone, Alexis sobs to Ned about Neil and how unfair life is. Portia returns and sends Ned out. She informs Alexis that she has a fractured wrist and should be tested for an underlying condition causing her bone weakness. She suspects that Alexis has osteoporosis. Ned insists on sticking around to give her a ride home. As he paces in the hallway, he hopes for Olivia to call him back.

Molly and Brando discuss the truth outside Kelly's General Hospital

Outside of Kelly’s, TJ and Brando talk about sports and laugh. Molly watches in the distance and gulps before interrupting. Brando offers to leave them to study. Molly hopes he does. Hearing that the mechanic is still single, TJ asks her to set Brando up with some of her friends. When he goes in to get a table, Brando offers to leave again. Molly tells him not to be rude and insists that she and TJ are in a good place. Brando would like to be friends with TJ, but he can’t lie to his friends. They debate coming clean to TJ about sleeping together. He offers to respect her decision and keep his distance. She doesn’t want to deprive TJ of a friend. When TJ joins them, he offers once again to set Brando up with some of her friends and asks him to take part in a protest against Cyrus. Brando suggests that taking on Renault might bring them a lot of trouble. They’re determined so Brando agrees to help.

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Joss and Jason talk about Mike's passing in Turning Woods General Hospital

At Turning Woods, Joss tells Jason that she had to take a run to feel alive. She’s going to miss her grandfather. Jason says he may have made mistakes, but Mike lived his life. He’s sure Joss will do the same. Brook Lynn and Chase arrive. He pays his condolences to Michael and Willow before explaining that the Quartermaine is crashing with him. This makes Willow look uncomfortable. Joss assumes all of this is hard on Willow, who claims that seeing how supportive they are of each other only makes her happy to be part of their family. Down the hall, Carly joins Sonny in Mike’s room. He shows her the picture Avery drew of the bike. Brook Lynn comes in and Sonny thanks her for visiting his father. She assures him of how much his dad loved him. Later, Carly tells Sonny he can take all the time he needs with his father but the hospital is ready. So is he. Sonny tells his father he finally got his bicycle and he will always love him. As Sonny and Carly exit the building, a nurse rushes out to say that a bike had been delivered. They wheel it out. Sonny checks the card. It’s from his dad.

Nina tells Jax she's sure Phyllis is key in New York General Hospital

In a New York City hotel, Nina tells Jax that she’s sure Phyllis knows what happened to her child. She thanks Jax for all his help. Joss calls and informs her father that Mike is gone.

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Ethan helps to free Robert in Monte Carlo General Hospital

In a Monte Carlo hotel, Rudge holds Robert and Ethan at gunpoint. He has his thugs restrain them and explains that Holly was investigating their establishment, so they sank her ship and brought her in for questioning. She escaped but was ‘dealt with’. Before Rudge can shoot Ethan, Olivia bursts in and clobbers him with a gun. The men knock out the thugs and call in the WSB, who insists that Holly was never there. Irate Robert demands answers from Rudge, who insists that Holly has been disappeared. After Rudge is taken away by Bureau agents, one of them returns and says that they have found a shallow grave. It contained a woman matching Holly’s build burned beyond recognition… and the wedding ring that Robert gave her. Ethan recognizes it. Robert tells the story of the ring and wishes he’d never given Ethan hope that she was alive. After they file out, a man calls someone and tells them that Rudge has kept his mouth shut about what really happened to Holly. The man watches Holly (played by Emma Samms) on a surveillance feed.

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Ava panics to Nikolas at the cabin General Hospital

At the cabin, Nikolas vents to Ava about all the mistakes that he’s made. When she checks on Avery, she discovers that she’s gone and freaks out. They go outside and soon find Avery, who has just discovered Nelle’s necklace. They take her back to her room and put her to bed. Nikolas wonders where her daughter gets her adventurous streak from. The prince bids her goodnight and they agree to see each other at Wyndemere.

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